Pretty Little Liars Review: "To Kill a Mocking Girl"

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Welcome back to Rosewood, Toby Cavanaugh. Feel free to talk any second now...

Last night's episode of Pretty Little Liars, "To Kill a Mocking Girl," introduced a new, seemingly key character to the show - but upon first impression, Toby suffers from the same flaw that inflicts others on the series: he's utterly one-dimensional.

Couldn't the drama have made him creepy without making him silent? Unless Toby is truly a mute, his lack of noise just makes him unrealistic, as if the writers couldn't think of a way to make him an interesting, layered individual... so they just figured he'll sit around quietly and make faces.

As a whole, Pretty Litte Liars has a tremendous amount of potential, but it does suffer from this same problem throughout the course of an episode.

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Every scene between Emily and Maya, for example, is almost laughable. It's a wholly unbelievable relationship, moving along far too quickly and making Maya seem like some weird stalker girl. I hope she has an agenda and is trying to get close to Emily for some reason.

That would bring some juice to this relationship.

For that reason, I was happy to see Spencer's gank her sister's paper. That family also seems over-the-top in its rudeness to Spencer. Again, the writers could have found a more subtle way for her to feel pressure at home than to make her sister and her mom 100% bitchy all the time - but Spencer stealing that essay gives the storyline something suspenseful at stake. Plus, we can all relate.

Who hasn't been tempted to plagiarize at some point in his/her school life?!?

Aria and Hanna are the two most interesting characters by far. The former's bond with Mr. Fitz is almost too normal, though, isn't it? It makes them boring. This is a primetime soap opera! We don't want a mature relationship - we want something cheap and tawdry and suspenseful!

My favorite parts of the opening episodes so far have been the flashbacks involving Hanna and Alison. These give the latter actual depth, as we see how A's picking on her and how Hanna's weight issues still affect her today. Her speech to Sean after he turned her down for sex was very well-done and well-earned by the show.

A few questions/observations before we turn this over to the readers for their reaction:

  • Did Hanna crash Sean's car? She did, right? On purpose, I presume.
  • You'd think Spencer would have made a bigger deal out of what she witnessed at the conclusion of last episode. But did she once say to the girls that she saw Jenna texting?
  • What information do you think Alison blackmailed Toby with?
  • I don't think we've seen the last of Wren. If Spencer really wants to get back at her mean sister, what better way than to go through with what Melissa suspects her of anyway?

Check out a few Pretty Little Liars quotes from the episode now and sound off: What did you think?

Seeking Evidence


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@Jackie I think it is What You Wanted Me To Do by S.O.Stereo or something like that but I haven't found it on YouTube


Does anyone the song that played when sean rejected Hanna and left?
please comment back
i tried searching for it but cant seem to find it anywhere
it sounded like an amazing song


i cant wait to see were the pictures of Emily and Maya are posted it looked liked it was meant as a target. And as for spencer she needs some love so she better suck it up and go with the flow her sister's boyfriend kissed her so its a good way to get a relationship and to get back at her sister. But if she is trying to say sorry to her sister why is she cheating or copying her homework.


Hanna is favorite character so far. And Ashley Benson is doing a really good job playing her :)


i'd really suggest reading the books, it's a great series and a lot of the stuff that they don't have enough time to explain in the show is in there, like why toby took the fall. it was a pretty good episode, ashley benson did a great job portraying hanna when sean shuts her down, im excited for next week's episode tho, that one looked pretty good!


Is anyone else really confused as to how that detective... is building a case?!?! I'm sure it's against some 'codes' to be sleeping with the mother of a suspect, no?


Spencers parents in the book- absolutely horrible to her
Maya and Emily- totally moved like this in the book, not to fast, and she doesn't have crazy motives justa girl with a crush.
And Toby- He was just as weird quiet and mysterious in the book (: I like the show a lot it comes off a bit cheesy though but they did a great job making it like the books


I really enjoyed this episode. Feels like PLL is just really hitting it's stride now. Can't wait to see what will be Hannah's boyfriend reaction next week when he finds out she crashed his car. And yes he does seem gay. He seemed more interested in that little game then her, and he barely seemed to notice when she was around..


I don't think that they're overly rude to spencer!She kissed her sister's fiance!If I were Melissa I would have gotten into a real physical fight with my siter and would avoid her for months. I hat Spencer and I have no idea how Wren could have a thing for her! She's annoying nd ugly. Alison was a real bitch to Hannah, I can see how she's traumatized..but instead of crashing his car she should have slept with that yummy friend of his.. I like Toby btw, I prefer him than Maya for Emily. and I love Aria, her father's ex lover is such a bitch, I would have thorwn my drink ate her in the gallery!!


I LOVE Aria & Ezra. They are by far my favorite & I hope they have something that lasts throughout the entire show & it's seasons. I read the books so I know what happened with them but I hope they don't end or if they do it's just temporary. I also like Wren & Spencer. I adore Sean & Hanna, Hanna & Aria are my favorite characters. Plus the scene with Hanna & Sean with the whole sex situation was sad. :( I like their relationship though because you can kind of tell that deep down he cares for her & she really likes him too. :(

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Hanna: Mom, you don't need to do this.
Ashley: Do what?
Hanna: Squeeze his grapefruit.

Whisper, whisper, whisper. It's almost like Alison is still her.