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Pretty Little Liars Sneak Peek: "The Jenna Thing"

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On the series premiere of Pretty Little Liars, viewers were introduced to four high school students, former close friends whose past and secrets have torn them apart.

On Tuesday's new episode, meanwhile, we'll meet a fifth: Jenna Cavanaugh.

The accident that left her blind, and the role the show's main quartet played in it, are at the center of the hour, which is aptly titled "The Jenna Thing."

As usual, TV Fanatic will cover the episode in depth, posting a review soon after it airs, replete with the latest Pretty Little Liars quotes, music and more. For now, get excited for the installment via the clip below:

[video url="http://www.tvfanatic.com/videos/the-jenna-thing-clip/" title="The Jenna Thing Clip"] [/video]

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You spelled "hoes" wrong.


this epi was way better than the first one,but they still messed up on sooo much!
i personaly think the books are way better but the shows are good too. im done "heartless" and im on to "wanted" but i already know the ending :p


Already in episode 8? Will they throw us off? Like in the books, there were more than one A or suspected A.


I know the whole story :) I already read "Wanted" And omg the book is WAY better than the shows. But yes, emily is bi, and yes, ali ( Not exactly ali) Was the main part of the Jenna thing. In episode 8, u will find out who Ali really is ;)


Emily is bi, I think that was even hinted in the first episode, so... yes.


So is Emily Bi? I'm so confused...


where can i watch it online?


omg i just watched the ep and i loved it! gr8 show and thisis just the beginning! :)


OMG! I knew they had something to do with her being blind! I am loving this show.


LMFAO yes nobody spoil it. Can we please make a PLL forum? Tons of people love this show. Nobody knows where to discuss. Lmao I didn't even know you guys covered PLL, by chance I saw this.