Rookie Blue Promo: Will You Watch?

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ABC tried Grey's Anatomy in a law firm.

But The Deep End failed miserably, getting the axe after just a few episodes.

This summer, the network will go down a similar path, giving Grey's Anatomy-in-a-police-station a shot with Rookie Blue.

As the title of this drama suggests, it follows the lives of five cops, all fresh out of the academy. Starring Missy Peregrym, Gregory Smith, Charlotte Sullivan, Enuka Okuma and Travis Milne, Rookie Blue even features a voiceover by one of its characters.

Meredith Grey would be so proud...

[video url="" title="Rookie Blue Preview"] [/video]

Rookie Blue premieres on June 24 at 9 p.m. Think you'll give it a shot?

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i think i might watch it... it looks pretty cool. but when exactly is this on? it just says "june 24 at pm."


This new show looks like Third Watch and I really loved that show.


It looks really good.
I will watch it :)
It has some good actors the Blondie from Fame, Stick-it and the guys look cute
Looksa good hope they don't cancel it I hate it when they do it after only a few ep.s :(


loool... it seems they took grey's scenario and replaced all medical term by police term!!!
i'll watch just by curiosity!!


I'll watch, I'm curious.


I think I'm going to like this! Can't wait.


I love the girls too. So excited to watch.

Jennmo13 gg 3

Yeah I will! I love the girls in it. One of them was in one of my favorite movies ( stick it ) :) i hope its good :)


Rookie Blue Quotes

Cake's on fire.


Epstein, what are you eating? It's really gross and why are you doing it in my parade?