Sarah Drew Promoted to Grey's Anatomy Series Regular

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As expected, Sarah Drew has joined the Grey's Anatomy cast full time.

An ABC rep confirms that Drew’s new contract, which kicks in this fall with the start of Season 7, was finalized this morning, promoting her to series regular status.

News of the former Everwood actress’ promotion comes less than 48 hours after fellow Grey's Anatomy rookie Jesse Williams joined the full-time ranks at Seattle Grace.

It’s safe to say that while the elevation of Williams, who plays Dr. Jackson Avery, to main cast member was met with general praise, Drew may not be so fortunate.

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This is not her fault, of course, but Dr. April Kepner's. The Mercy West alumna and McDreamy quasi-stalker has not been a fan favorite with many. But times change.

We're talking about Grey's Anatomy, after all, a show with a penchant for endearing us to characters the more we get to know them and see them in new situations.

April’s heart-to-heart with Meredith in the sixth season finale was a pretty good start, too. Right? Are you excited Sarah is sticking around? Displeased? Indifferent?

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I guess she is alright. As long as she don't get in the way of other relationships. She knows now that MerDer is together and love one another deeply. I think next season will see her getting over Der and see her bonding with Mer. She is going to need a new friend since Reed is gone.


LMAO Jana. Indeed, if she gets together with Alex, her room in the fifth floor will be waiting.


"I like her!!And with Alex,she will be the perfect match!!" Hmmmm...because Alex knows crazy, right? Psycho Mom, psycho Ava, psycho Izzie. Yep. Alex knows crazy, all right.


As annoying as she was before, she was great though in the season finale. Her panic was so real when she was talking to Clark about herself and her family, that I could almost feel it. Also when she was talking to Meredith, or interacting with Cristina, I started thinking that she would be a great addition to the cast. So I'm glad we'll see her again in S7.


Even though I really don't like April I felt they were accepting her into the group in the season finale and so I guess i'll just ahve to accept her


I like her!!And with Alex,she will be the perfect match!!


I just seriously think we should all be grateful.
We all have characters we do not like. But we deal with it.
Yes, some characters we love, some we hate. But we still focus on them.
Like when Addy first came and broke up MerDer for the first time, we all eventually loved her. Like with Erica, she was a bitch to Cristina and everyone else, I eventually liked her.
I personally like the whole cast. I don't hate any of them. They're all an excellent cast and crew and if I were offered to become a series regular, I'd take it to be number 15. Wouldn't you?


Maybe all the original cast want more time away from GA to do other things? Hence a larger cast to cover films and family time? Maybe the extra season will be at a cost of seeing less of our favourite characters?


Big mistake, more ridiculous, superfluous characters to take screen time away from our favs. Way to go Shonda.


Totally agree with you ana114!

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