Sarah Drew Promoted to Grey's Anatomy Series Regular

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As expected, Sarah Drew has joined the Grey's Anatomy cast full time.

An ABC rep confirms that Drew’s new contract, which kicks in this fall with the start of Season 7, was finalized this morning, promoting her to series regular status.

News of the former Everwood actress’ promotion comes less than 48 hours after fellow Grey's Anatomy rookie Jesse Williams joined the full-time ranks at Seattle Grace.

It’s safe to say that while the elevation of Williams, who plays Dr. Jackson Avery, to main cast member was met with general praise, Drew may not be so fortunate.

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This is not her fault, of course, but Dr. April Kepner's. The Mercy West alumna and McDreamy quasi-stalker has not been a fan favorite with many. But times change.

We're talking about Grey's Anatomy, after all, a show with a penchant for endearing us to characters the more we get to know them and see them in new situations.

April’s heart-to-heart with Meredith in the sixth season finale was a pretty good start, too. Right? Are you excited Sarah is sticking around? Displeased? Indifferent?

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I think April can be quite annoying, but also like how she stalks McDreamy... I'm excited to see where that storyline takes her, but I'm sure she will continue to annoy me.


This news is not a surprise, just a disappointment. I just had a feeling that Meredith being supportive of Kepner in 6.24 would be the first step for the writers campaign to get us to accept Kepner as a regular cast member.In the caption contest 210, I had Mer saying to Kepner she had a vacancy for a friend. I feel the Kepner crush will soon be gone cos of Mer telling her she should not be the one crying over Derek. So Kepner is at the beginning of a win them over campaign with regard to us fans. We saw Avery going through the stages of Mer offering him advice about his grandfather. Then he supported her, and their friendship was started so we at least liked Avery. Can't say I'll get to like Kepner though. She seemed to pop up with Der in the hospital too often. The writers seem to struggle to give us three MerDer scenes per episode. I will really hate if Kepner continues to be the only resident we ever see Der work with. I agree that fourteen main characters will dilute the time too much to follow any particular favs of anyone. Perhaps the writers have run out of storylines for characters who have been in GA from the beginning? Now MerDer are solid, Calazona are back together, the reunion of Crowen and Slexie is on the cards, the writers are stuck as to how to stir things up to maintain an audience? I ahve one question I'm wondering if someone could help me with. I have the impression that Avery is a third year resident like Mer. But is Kepner a second year resident like Lex? Has Avery been added so he can compete to be chief resident when Mer,Cris and Alex get to their final residency year?


I don't mind April (no, not just 'cause that's my name :) ...I think they could do with her like they did with Lexie. Lexie came in being a nervous, shy, kinda clumsy (my opinion) and has grown into being more outspoken, more calm, etc. I think they can do that with April.


I'm so sorry but with all new-entry from the lighthouse the expences the show and consequently everything that likes of this show is fade away.Unfortunately i think that Shonda 'll replace all, one after other the oldes with the news,see Teddy is regular even if the people doesn't like and the same thing is happenning with the Kepner.I hoped that the next season is better than the 6th season with these worst news,i think that i'll do as with Teddy i 'll change the scene when they are in vid...
Shonda & cO DIDN'T LEARN ANYTHING from the last season...


Shonda biggest mistake with April was making her antagonistic to Meredith and waited for the season finale to make April part of the group. If Shonda wanted to keep April for S7, she should've done that scene between Mer and April in the finale much earlier in the season, instead of writing April as pathetic school girl, lost puppy with a crush on her married boss. Does everyone remember the episode where Derek stole Mer's surgery and how April treated Meredith, with such entitlement. Wanted Meredith to kick April's ass ever since that scene, where April took the scans from Meredith. That in not how writers should make a character likable, and then they writers introduces the stupid crush, that didn't end when Lexie told April to stop. If the writers wanted us to like April they should make her like Jackson who became friends with everybody a long time ago, instead of making her a someone who annoy Meredith and the others.

Mrs sheperd dempsey

NOOOOOOO! I hate April! I hve nicknamed her reject girl out of my hate! :'(




Hook April up with Alex.


I understand your frustration but the lack of MerDer time has nothing to do with the additional cast but with Ellen wishes to cut back her working hours from 12 or 14 i think to 3 hours after giving birth to tend for her baby and before that when they started shooting season 6 she was 7 month pregnant then she took 1 month maternity leave so they had to deal with that actually this year the cast is less 'cose practically the mercy westers although they weren't perminant cast members we saw them each episode so they killed off 2 characters and left 2 and if you notice since season 2 first they added kate walsh then when Eric Dane & Sara Ramirez became a regular in Season 3 kate walsh and Isiah Washigton Left they added Chyler Leigh Season 4 , Season 5 Erica Hann left they Addded Jessica Capshaw & Kevin Mckidd but T.R Knight Left, Then Season 6 Katherine Heigl Left and Reed&Percy's Characters were killed off so 3 people left 3 others were made regular KR, JW, SD if you think about it there's always a balance sorry i wrote a lot but just wanted all of u to see that if you think about it this season there's less people than season 6


Aries93: MerDer will still be there yes... but with all the extra cast- have you NOT been watching? MerDer time has been cut from 10 minutes an episode to maybe 2. The more cast members means less focus on the other cast. We don't get to see their characters. There is so much potential to be explored in each of the original cast members. We know VERY little about Derek... his background. We know all about mer, but VERY little about any of the other originals. Why don't they cut all the extra crap, and focus on showing us the TRUE characters is Grey's Anatomy

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