Sarah Drew Promoted to Grey's Anatomy Series Regular

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As expected, Sarah Drew has joined the Grey's Anatomy cast full time.

An ABC rep confirms that Drew’s new contract, which kicks in this fall with the start of Season 7, was finalized this morning, promoting her to series regular status.

News of the former Everwood actress’ promotion comes less than 48 hours after fellow Grey's Anatomy rookie Jesse Williams joined the full-time ranks at Seattle Grace.

It’s safe to say that while the elevation of Williams, who plays Dr. Jackson Avery, to main cast member was met with general praise, Drew may not be so fortunate.

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This is not her fault, of course, but Dr. April Kepner's. The Mercy West alumna and McDreamy quasi-stalker has not been a fan favorite with many. But times change.

We're talking about Grey's Anatomy, after all, a show with a penchant for endearing us to characters the more we get to know them and see them in new situations.

April’s heart-to-heart with Meredith in the sixth season finale was a pretty good start, too. Right? Are you excited Sarah is sticking around? Displeased? Indifferent?

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I'm excited. The more the merrier! See that's the great thing about SR- she knows what she's doing people! I have full faith that she would be able to use any cast.


Welcome to Sarah Drew for becoming one of the Series Regular,as long as she stop involve herself in Mer-der marriage....: ),i start likes April Kepner when she cry over Reed death and show her caring side to Meredith.....


Ok. I blame April COMPLETELY for getting McDreamy shot! If she would have kept her stupid little hind end away from this married man, he would have kept the attention of the shotter. Her fault! No i dont like her!


I'm sorry, but I don't like April at all. She has something about her that just makes me want to hate her, she had a weird "i'm in love with mcdreamy" thing goin on, and she was the reason Derek got shot in the season finale. April is ganna have to do a crap load of good things to make me like her.


Thank you SmileyGlen.
Even after stating negative facts, you're willing to give April Kepner (Sarah Drew) a chance.


Haven't read any comments just the article and I just want to congradulate Sarah Drew in becoming a full-time cast member. I only hope Dr April Kepner gets some good storylines, because at the moment she is a hated woman, she killed the burns patient, then she killed Allison Clark which lead to Gary Clark going into the Hospital on a shooting rampage which by her running out onto the catwalk after Derek talked Gary Clark into lowering his weapon, by her actions she got Derek shot, I hate her for that, but she gained brownie points by showing us she actually cared about Reed then later when Meredith was miscarrying she showed Meredith she has a caring side. Maybe in the aftermath of the shooting Meredith and April become friends, because April was there when Meredith lost her baby. Now I will go and read everyone's comments.


Hey people i know how u feel but really take a deep breath actually we're being annoyed about cast additions but we keep forgetting that some cast members left and r leaving each year so it's not like they're adding to the show without anyone leaving as i said before i'm excited about this season i donno why but i have a feeling that it's gonnna be awsome so i'm also happy about the additions i think Jesse williams rocked the finale actually they all did so i wasn't a fan of Kepner but after the finale i changed my mind i think she's gona be the freak weirdo among them like george used to be i got a glimpse of that in the finale when she was holding christina's elbow and she was singing in a freakish way "he's in here, he's in here" totally freaking christina out i thought this scene was hillarious so i think we're gonna have a more a funny light season what i would like to see as a cast member or recurring one is Tyne Daly " Ms. Shepherd" Derek's mom i think that would be awsome OMIGOD i'm dyin here is it September already?


People chill.
Yes, there were 9 characters at the beginning. 3 have left and now they have 6 of the original cast. With an addition of 8 more. But the shows name sake is; GREY'S ANATOMY.
So even if Meredith were to leave in 2 years time with Patrick Dempsey, it will still be them together. EVEN IF they leave, it would have been on good terms for the show.
Lexie Grey would take over. Shonda made sure of that. So people who are worrying about; 'OMG! Another cast member! No more MerDer' or 'Another cast member? Seriously?'. You people should learn that MerDer are still on the show, and STILL are the show. So if you are all worried about that, then do not be because the show will be focused on them. HENCE; Grey's Anatomy.
And as for her and Jackson's addition to the cast, I am glad that we have more characters to focus on, it means we will not get bored of the other ones. I mean if we were to constantly forced to endure Cristina and Owen storylines on them breaking up and being together due to Teddy or PTSD then it would get boring. So we should be grateful that Shonda is welcoming people we have already known for half a season. So least they're not randoms being transferred in.


Sinceraly i hoped that she didn't become a regular but so it isn't going.Now the question is that Shonda wants to bring news actor that don't like to the people that watch the show.The regular is big word because if Shonda does as Teddy so good-bye.The main characters must be Mer,Derek,Cri,Alex,Bailey ,Mark and Callie and the rest of the cast must do from the shuolder,if she wants to continue this show.I wait me to not see an Kepner's Anatomy or Avery's Anatomy for the all the respect that i have for these actors but the way used by Shonda in the last season (see Teddy) isn't go for good,because this is greatest mistake that Shonda can do.See as the 6th season went ,the audience is very important for this show ,dear Shonda.


Ok... there are TOO many cast members... It's gone beyond crazy. I have nothing against April being a full time member (well i hate her, but i would like to see ONE of the gazillion storylines Grey's has set out to follow this season actually play out) but there are too many cast members. Mer, Der, Cris, Owen, Teddy, Alex, Lexie, Mark, Avery, Webber, Callie, Arizona and Bailey. THAT IS 13 FULL time cast members. I hate what this show has become. It's 13 people's love lives. What happened to it being focused on the 5 original interns? Back then there were 8 full timers, but Webber wasn't as often. The cast just keeps growing, and it gets more complecated. I get that there is only so many love combinations that can be made with 8 members, but that doesn't mean you bring in more. It's too much. Much too much. I can respect Sarah Drew. But this is a mistake, and season 7 will not be back to MerDer life like they have stated. There is no way when they have 13 regulars to focus on.

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