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The promotion of Sarah Drew (April) to full-time series regular status on Grey's Anatomy next season understandably elicited mixed reactions from legions of fans.

Being obsessed with Derek wasn't a good way to get in viewers' good books, and nearly getting him killed during the harrowing hostage-themed finale didn’t help.

You can count Sarah Drew herself among April's critics.

In a Q&A with Entertainment Weekly, the actress reflects on her roller-coaster first year on the show and what we might see from her this fall. Excerpts below:

On being "part of the tribe" after the finale: I definitely had that feeling. April was kind of annoying this past season. [Laughs] Neurotic and really insecure."

April Photo

"This was the first time she was able to band together - both with Cristina and Meredith - to help solve a [crisis]. Most of my stuff before was with Patrick [Dempsey] and fawning over him awkwardly. So this was the first opportunity to actually bond in a positive way with them."

"They say tragedy brings people together, so I guess that’s what happened."

On whether April can be redeemed: "Lord, I hope so. [Laughs] I think [the heart-to-heart April had with Mer in the finale] was a gigantic step forward."

"The thing that’s fun about April is she creates controversy and that’s interesting to watch, even though people might hate her for it. The people pleaser that I am, I always want everyone to like me and my character, so it’s hard for me as an actress. But I think as a character she’s so interesting, because she stirs stuff up between Meredith and Derek."

On a Mer-Der-April triangle: "This is my own speculation, but I don’t think that she’s going to come between Meredith and Derek. I don’t see it happening after everything that transpired in the finale. After her hearing how much Meredith is in love with Derek. After she witnessed the miscarriage. It feels like April’s going to move on."

On being hired then re-hired: "I definitely did my fair share of sweating in the past year. It’s all been really good news, though. Shonda wrote April for me because I’ve worked with her twice before. I walked into this role knowing it was only two episodes."

"I knew my character was going to be fired, so I wasn’t expecting anything beyond those two episodes. And then they called me the morning after the “firing episode” aired to check my availability and talk about a contract, and I was just floored."

"It was wonderful because when I came back to work I had so much support. A lot of the cast members were like, “We were rallying for you to stay. We’re so glad you’re back.” It was a wonderful surprise to move past those two episodes."

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yes they did so im not worried at all. I think that mer will get along better with her but i doubt they would sit together at lunch like soso said


Didn't one of the Grey's writers blogs say that Der isn't at all interested in Kepner? I think the writer put that in to reassure MerDer fans that a break up cos of Kepner was a non starter.




The value of Kepner is that she has annoyed the two Grey sisters. I agree with anna114 that Kepner was just another resident to Der.To Mer Kepner overstepped the mark in her fawning, but it stirred Mer into action. Love the conference room MerDer scene. But I agree with SD's assessment that her character has seen a different side to Mer now. Kepner just saw Mer as a resident who hadn't taken her husband's surname and who was reluctent to play the supportive of her husband role. Mer has interacted with Kepner now. With all the trauma that happened I think Mer will be extending her mothering skills to include Kepner (SR keeps talking about Mer being the carer of her friends). But I would find it a bit unbelievable to see Kepner joining Mer, Alex and Cris at lunch


I don't speak to hate her but she 'll never be in the my heart ,i 'll change scene when i'll see her and then she has not chance with me like Teddy.They 'll never become my prefer characters.


I feel bad for her. That would totally suck to play someone on such a great show as greys and have like everyone hate u! (including me) lol


I feel bad for Sarah lol, everybody kind of hates her character including herself


Well, she better behave herself when it comes to Merder. Like I've said before - love SD but as for Kepner; I was wanting her to be blown away by rhe shooter in the finale. Her character still needs to develop some medical grunt as so far, all she's done is kill a patient! Watching this space . . . .


Sarah seems ok but I definetly hate April. And not because she had a crush on Derek. It was nothing, so annoying and patethic but it was never a threat for MD. For Mer it was a joke and Derek didn't even noticed lol. I just don't want to know about her, well she said almost her story to the shooter lol.


I like Sarah and I have hated April. But I think that season 7 is gonna change that, Hopefully:) I think that April is a good person from the beginning and she just got lost when she lost that patient and when Derek hired her back he was like her "Knight" who came to her rescue, so it's not that hard to understand why she had a crush on Derek, and now that she's been with meredith and heard how she felt bout derek and been with her during the miscarrige and during that whole day I think she'll moveon to someone else and maybe even be a little friends with Christina, Meredith, Lexie gang?

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