So You Think You Can Dance Review: Preseason Style

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Really, So You Think You Can Dance? We're big fans and all, for many seasons now, and you look even more amazing in HD (we just upgraded after all these years).

But there was no competition last night, nor did we even get to see what the Top 11 or the All-Stars are really all about - if you missed it, you officially missed nada.

This was like a preseason game after the first three weeks of the regular season. What's the point? Why not jump right into the competition and elimination rounds?

We appreciated the truncated audition rounds, but Thursday was pure filler, no way around it, with random routines and the dancing groups arbitrarily grouped at that.

There were plenty of memorable moves, to be sure, but it was hard to even know who to watch sometimes. If this were the post-show tour, it would've worked more.

So You Think You Can Dance All-Stars

ALL STARS: The past So You Think You Can Dance standouts are back.

You can't throw an exhibition night at us when we barely know anything about the cast, Dance. It doesn't make sense and it was kind of a waste of time. Sorry.

Another weird tweak, albeit on a much lesser scale, is that the judges now sit in front of an actual panel, which makes them seem detached from the audience.

Also, why do the choreographers now give feedback if it's all going to be cliched, generic and positive? We don't get it. Chalk it up to a bad week, we suppose.

Believe it or not, we are actually fans of the show, and the dancing was still awesome. It's just the odd format shifts we have a problem with, and only this week.

Follow the jump for a quick breakdown of some of the top routines ...

Lauren Froderman and Kent Boyd: Paired with Mark and Kathryn McCormick, and choreographed by Travis Wall, their Moulin Rouge routine really showcased Lauren's talents.

Alexie Agdeppa and Melinda Sullivan: Paired with Lauren Gottlieb and Allison Holker, Melinda's tap was surprisingly graceful, so fluid. A lively routine, if not jaw-dropping stuff.

Jose Ruiz: Accompanied by Comfort Fedoke, Dominic Sandoval and Twitch, Jose hit his moves hard, but was perhaps overshadowed by the All-Stars a bit. To be expected?

Cristina Santana: With the help of Pasha and Anya Garnis (who was a little more on her game than Cristina), the salsa dancer still showed plenty of her amazing promise.

Alex Wong and Billy Bell: These two need no introduction at this point, and combined with Ade Obayomi on a Mia Michaels routine, they were predictably gorgeous to watch.

AdeChike Torbert, Robert Roldan and Ashley Galvan: This trio ended the show joined by vets Neil Haskell and Courtney Galiano on a tight routine. No underdogs in the bunch!

With this out of the way, it'll be great to start the real competition next week. Who are you rooting for to go all the way on So You Think You Can Dance?


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i didnt want alexie to leave she was my favorite from the begenning i thought melenda should have left what are they gonna do with a tap dancer...NOTHING!!!!


I agree with Steph... I LOVE the all-stars but they take away from the newbies. They should of had an all or nothing. All all-stars or all newbies. Ratings for all all-stars would be high! I also think that people are going to end up voting for the person that dances with their favorite all-star even though it doesn't matter.


everyone has the opinion and we are entitled to express if we like, I personally think they should have stuck with the basis that they always have and that is IMHO. You shouldn't come on here and down others and especially curse, I've been a fan since the beginning and if I don't like, then stay out of it. People like you are what makes it hard to have honestly feelings about things.............grow up.


I hate how everyone has so much to complain about this show. Oh the lighting, the directing, they should've done this, why are they doing that? Just appreciate the complete basis of the show. The DANCING. The beauty. Hopes, dreams and life. Stop bitching all the goddamn time.


I completely disagree with this review. The showcase yesterday was amazing. It was to display the all stars and contenders in their own elements. It was amazing. It made it all the more exciting for wednesdays episode :) I loved lauren kents performance, that was a m a z I n g.


It made it hard for me to watch the new cast because I love the allstars so much I would catch myself really just watching them, and sometimes like in the last routine I couldn't tell which one was Ashley or Courtney they looked the exact same. I think the should have stuck with the way they have always done in the past maybe bring the all stars in to do some Choregraphy don't get me wrong I love watching them but its hard for me to focus on the real contenders!!!!!!!!

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