The Real Housewives of New Jersey Review: "Posche Spite"

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Last night's episode of Bravo's The Real Housewives of New Jersey was so outlandish and insane, there was only one issue - future ones are bound to seem tame by comparison.

This season has had so many fights, feuds, meltdowns and flat-out ridiculous story lines, it stands to reason that the show can't possibly keep this up. But we'll enjoy it while we can.

Naturally, the drama in "Posche Spite" centered around Danielle Staub, but it took the other women who loathe her and the obligatory charity event to up the crazy factor to its peak.

Follow this link to our gossip site's Real Housewives of New Jersey recap for a comprehensive breakdown of the debauchery. Seriously, it's an unreal review of the Real Housewives.

Here's a general outline of last night ...

Holy Crap

Danielle Staub (left) is a magnet for controversy.

  • Caroline is feeling fragile, unsure of her purpose in this world and concerned that her husband simply does not understand her evolving fears and changing needs. This is astonishingly relatable and serious compared to the nonsense elsewhere.
  • Danielle, Jacqueline, and Teresa are all invited to a fashion show being held by their mutual friend Kim D. Jacqueline worries about a potential run-in with Danielle. 
  • They all end up attending anyway and a fight ensues. Danielle and Teresa begin a serious argument that naturally does not end and will likely become much worse.
  • It was mostly Danielle's fault.

Even by RHONJ standards, the events that took place were among the most outrageous, passive-aggressive and mean we've ever seen. You've got to get into this show.

If a show based around a collection of raging psychos released into a wilderness of strip malls, plastic surgery centers, and country clubs appeals to you, of course.


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I watched the same show you did Bratt...It was Teresa causing the problem. Waiting for Danielle and then chasing her!


Danielle is a liar from the get go. Working situations to meet her own needs. She definitely needs professional help in the worst way and the sooner the better. What bothers me the most is can't her "friends" watch the show and see how much she twists things around when she refers to any of the other Jersey ladies, particurlarly Dina's private meeting. She is trash of the lowest sort.


Teresa needs to spend less time socializing and more time trying to figure out how to get out from under all that debt!! Did she have to use her forehead as colateral for the loan on that ugly house?


Tesera, I can't belive what you did at the fashion show.
Belive me I get it, Danille gets on my nerves too!
And after all she's done, to everyone I would want
to punch her out. But Caroline is right, stay away
from her, and avoid her at any cost. Now she has a
reason to act crazy again, and play the victem.
Kim G. you look like a old woman that does'nt want
to give it up.


Caroline is a fraud


Did we see the same show? It was Teresa!!!!! All the way Danielle wasn't giving her the time of day and that pissed off Whoring, to tight of clothing Teresa......

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