The Vampire Diaries Caption Contest 12

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We wish we could have awarded numerous winners in this week's Vampire Diaries Caption Contest.

After all, we're huge fans of the one good thing Lindsay Lohan has ever done, Mean Girls, and many readers submitted entries quoting that film.

But "Tom" came away with first place. His entry is posted below and it made us update our Netflix queue to relive this classic comedy. Thanks! And good luck to all next week!

6/11/10 caption contest

Bonnie: [writing] This girl is the meanest, nastiest girl I've ever met. She is a fugly slut. Do not trust her!
Grams: What are you doing there, sweetie?
Bonnie: Nothing. Just writing something about Elena.

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Gram: I told you, there are no spells to make men understand women.


grams: OMG!omgomgomg!
bonnie: What!?
grams: Finally! Bella is no longer a virgin!
bonnie: GRAMS! My friends are trapped inside a tomb and you're reading frikkin' TWILIGHT?! Give me that! This piece of crap- OMG! Vamp sex! Hawt!


Grams: okay so now, the first step in a witches training, which usually comes earlier in one's life, is a treasure hint. Go Bonnie, go!


Bonnie: come on grams you can do this. Just help okay?
Grams: (thinking) yeah yeah. You say this now but I die later bitch!


Bonnie: betty crocker cook books... hmmmm
Grams: hey i was wondering where tht went!


Grams: What! is Bella going to marry Edward?
Bonnie: shhh grams, I didn't read that part yet


Grams: Here's the book for your spell! Bonnie: ew. ew. gross! Grandma what is this? i don't wanna learn how to get my legs behind my head! omg what is this? Grams: Oh Shit! I took the wrong book, honey. This is some book from your grandfather and me...sorry!


Bonnie: 'Grams? I finally got the recipe of applepie.'
Grams: 'What does it say dear?'
Bonnie: 'It needs four apples, a pint of milk and one teaspoon of cinnamon...'
Grams: 'Cinnamon?? Never thought of that!!'


grams: Ah, the burn book! I can't believe you found it Bonnie! I remember one day in school the mean girls just threw out copies from it and we all saw what they thought of everybody!I forget.....what does it say about me in it? Bonnie: (it says Shelia Bennet, evil bitch)Uh you're not in it... GRAMS: Those bitches!


Bonnie: Wow, Grams...I didn't know your obsession with Gossip Girl had gotten so bad you made a scrapbook!
Grams: He...He. You got me!

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