The Vampire Diaries Caption Contest 13

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Many, many thanks to all who took part in this week's Caption Contest.

It was tempting to go with one of the many nurse/doctor references, but "RileyFord" came out on top for citing the one name who would stop any teenage girl in her tracks. To whom do we refer?

Check out the winning entry below and remember to come back and play every week on TV Fanatic!

Nurse pic

Elena: Whoa whoa whoa... did you just say Justin Bieber is coming to town!?!

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Elena: Matt, there's something I need to tell you...Vicki is a vampire on the lose trying to eat people.
Matt: What! How could this happen!
Stefan: Maybe it's just me but I think that's a large improvement from when she was the tramp trying to sleep with everybody. I mean sure now she'll kill you but before she could have sexually transmitted something! So unsanitary!


Matt: Dude, you're green... Stefan: Yeah I know, bad rabbit.


Matt: Hey Elena, Nice Costume
Elena: Thanks Matt
Stefan: What about Mine?
Matt:The Edward Cullen is so three months ago Stefan.


Elena: Matt, stop! its hammer time!


Matt: Why don't you just leave Elena alone!
Stefan: Why should I?
Matt: Her parents are dead and she suffers enough just being with you! Dressing up as a slutty nurse is a way to show her sadnesss.
*Elena walks to them*
Elena; Is that what you think, I'm a slutty nurse!
*Elena slaps Matt in the face*


Elena: Matt, that's enough, stop talking about Stefan and help me look for your sister, Vikki, remember her!*Elena said saarcasticly*


Elena: Hold up a second! *listens* You know what time it is? It's HAMMER TIME! Everyone: *Breaks into dance*


ELENA: Woah MATT! Why are wearing that rediculius costume. It is not even Halloween! MATT: I'm auditioning for a part in Grey's Anatomy! And what is your excuse for looking like a slutty nurse? ELENA: I'm intering at the Hospital clinic.....wait slutty? Stfan said I looked professional! STEFAN: IN BED! (matt and stefan crack up)


Matt: I'm blue daba de daba die, I'm blue if i was green i would die!
Stefan: green...
Elena: Well Duh... Sweetie sorry to break it to you... but your kinda dead.


Matt: Whoa Elena! Hands off! I may be irresistible and all that, but in front of your boyfriend? Just because you're this slutty nurse doesn't mean you need to grope every moving thing! Show some class will you.

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