The Vampire Diaries to Introduce Mason Lockwood as Season Two Villain

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Previous Vampire Diaries spoilers have revealed that viewers will learn a lot more about the werewolf history of Mystic Falls next season.

We now know at least one way this will go down: producer Julie Plec tells TV Guide Magazine that a new character will be introduced, one who it's safe to assume knows a lot about these creatures and their connection to the area.

"Our big new addition is Mason Lockwood, the mayor's much younger and cooler brother, who has been estranged from the family," she said. "His return introduces a lot of questions about what is so special about that creepy Lockwood family."

Honoring Their Past

Tyler's uncle will play a key role on season two of The Vampire Diaries. Any suggestions on who should portray him?

In other casting news, David Anders confirmed this week that he may not be finished with the series, season one finale stabbing be damned!

Sounds like John Gilbert will have competition for creepiest uncle if he does, in fact, come back this fall.

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peter faccinelli (carlisle from twilight) should play mason lockwood lol


hey love the show and i read the books when is season 2 starting


Sounds like something that happened in Gossip Girl.
Mason Lockwood, who is cooler and younger and estranged from the family shows up after the death of the Mayor, who was socially/politically prominent and wealthy, and will be an antagonist. The Mayor even had that same poor father-son relationship as Chuck and Bart.
Jack Bass showed up after the death of Bart who was rich (like the Mayor) and socially/politically prominent. Jack was also an antagonist and estranged from the family. Bart and Chuck had a poor relationship.
Tyler and Chuck both rebelled (in their own ways, of course)
I love both the Vampire Diaries and Gossip Girl. This was just something I noticed.


This storyline sounds similar to the one in Gossip Girl.
Mason Lockwood is cooler, younger, and estranged from the family.
Jack Bass was cooler, younger, and estranged from the family.
Mason Lockwood shows up after the death of Tyler's father.
Jack Bass showed up after the death of Chuck's dad, Bart.
Mayor Lockwood was wealthy, socially/politically prominent.
Bart Bass was (very) wealthy, socially/politically prominent.
Mayor Lockwood had a poor relationship with his son.
Bart Bass had a poor relationship with his son.
Tyler rebelled.
Chuck rebelled.
Sounds very similar. Of course, I love both the Vampire Diaries and Gossip Girl. I just noticed this.


why that would be an interesting turn of events... xD
Can't wait for the new season to come, VD is SUCH an AWESOME show!!!


Jack from lost should play tyler's uncle!


*I am sure that Damon realiseD that he kissed Katherine as no people kiss the same


@Allenmca: I am sure that Damon realises that he kissed Katherine as no people kissed the same, so he is probably still around, and then he comes in the kitchen and sees that John is about to die and then he convinces John to drink his blood before he dies. Besides that Damon would not "kill" both Elena's parents. I know he did not stab John, but when he has the ability to "save" John, he would not ket him die because of Elena.


they keep bringing in more and more new characters and they've totally forgotten about meredith... she was one of elena's best friend in the books, and by far one of the best characters, she was way better than caroline, her personality was amazing, i don't know why she is not on the show, 'cauese i think it'll be interesting seeing her and, she was the strong one, so calmed and undisturbed... but well... i hope tyler doen't die any time soon, he's one of my fave characters, and the hottest one, (imo)... and please please don't turn him bad... he's kinda an asshole, but not evil... keep him that way so he won't leave the show.. :)


That would be an interesting twist of events if Damon saved John. That wouldn't make him a vampire though- he would need Damon's blood in his system when he died- just drinking the blood as he was dying would only heal him. Was Damon still around when he was stabbed though? We saw the real Elena go in the house after Kathryn and Damon was no where to be seen.

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