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True Blood to Explore Pam's Sexuality, Relationship with Eric

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While True Blood fans will get to know many new characters on season three - from werewolves to Kings - they will also become more familiar with an old face:

Kristin Bauer van Straten has been promoted to series regular and she tells TV Guide in a new interview what viewers can expect from Pam this summer (hint: she likes women!)...

On overall character development: We also learn a lot more about her. I'm surprised to find that she has a sensitive side. It's all about identity this year and peeling the onion, finding out the deeper layers of these characters. For every character, we see their integrity and also their vulnerability and sexuality. Everything is pushed a little further, but really deeper.

Is Pam gay? It will become more clear. We definitely find out that she's at least bisexual. There's more than a hint on that one.

On exploring Pam's universe: My world is more about my relationship with Eric and the politics of the vampire world. You get to see Pam's astoundingly deep relationship with Eric and where her integrity and loyalty lies. She's still sarcastic, she's still wearing amazing clothing, but also we see the person behind the vampire.

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Pam rocks!!!


ahh i cant wait!

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