United States of Tara Review: "To Have And To Hold"

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Okay so we only have one more episode left before the second season of United States of Tara comes to a halt and we can honestly say this was one of our favorite episodes ever!

In "To Have And To Hold" we finally got some answers into Tara's dark past.

Thankfully, Mimi wasn't a bad guy, but who would have known she was a foster parent? That definitely caught us off guard. Mimi tells Charmaine that all her foster children come from really bad situations at home. This has to mean that the traumatic experience that happened to Tara took place in her parents home.  What we found so interesting was to see that Alice is a figment of what Tara remembers of Mimi.

Neil and Max

It was also very intriguing to see T come back for the first time all season - followed by a new alter, Chicken. The five year old version of Tara.  Chicken came in to protect Tara from something that happened in her past - all the answers we are waiting to hear must happen next week at the wedding when Tara can confront her parents.

The kids storylines that have held their own. Marshall realizes that their is something more between him and Lionel. When Marshall leaned into Lionel and kissed both his eyelids, we were Awing to the TV. They are pretty cute together!

Kate has her hands full with her new 27 year old boyfriend Zack. Forget the fact that she met him online and he had her sit on a cake, but something about this guy gives us the creeps. It is almost like Zack is trying to mold Kate into something she isn't. Kate is fiercely independent - so we hope she snaps out of it and realizes that he is not the one!

What did you make out of last night's episode? We were happy to see that Max showed up on Buck's bike even though Tara told him not to. Max may have cheated on Tara, but he really does love her and wants to make sure she is always safe.

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Kate: You made out with your BFF? Your beef? | permalink
T: I'm gonna f**k up your face Duane. | permalink
Tara: Is every single thing just lurking beneath the surface?
Charmaine: I hope not. | permalink
Lionel: He kissed each one of my eyelids. It was as close to perfect as I ever felt. | permalink
Kate: Kate plus eight goes on a date. | permalink


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Marco is an idiot. I just went on Netflix and watched the cake-to-ass scene. THAT IS NOT ZACK.


Dedra is an idiot, watch the playback before you post. He was the one with the cake fetish. Dumbshit.


I agree that who she thinks her parents are aren't her birth parents. I thought maybe T could be a stand in for who Tara's real mom was? It could fit, maybe a teen mom who was really crude, irresponsible, etc.


I think Tara's step brother abused her... but I could be wrong. depends on the age difference.


Zack never asked Kate to do anything during their internet chat except talk with him and meet him in person. Someone else had the cake fetish. I agree he's skeezy and controlling but not obviously so.


I think Tara and Charmaine's parents are not their birth parents. They adopted the sisters after they were placed in foster care with Mimi.


I predict that Zack is Tara's secret brother who is also sick....watch the preview for the next episode!

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Kate plus eight goes on a date.


I meant what I said when I forgive you for what happened.