90210 Caption Contest: Volume XV 07/30/2010

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As always, we sincerely appreciate everyone who entered this week's 90210 Caption Contest.

But it was easy to crown "Mad Rocks" as the winner for keenly referencing the show's upcoming gay character storyline. Well played, readers.

Thank you to all that participated and remember to play every week!

Classic Caption Pic

Liam: You know Dixon, your eyes look very pretty in this light.
Dixon: Save the flirting for a season 3 storyline.

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Dixon : Now I am really drunk.... What did you wanna say to me?
Liam : There is no easy way to say this. But Dixon I hava a crush on you.


Dixon:Why did they have to kick out Ethan,he was the love of my life!
Liam:Damn you tap that ass too!
Dixon:(Sniff)You had sex with Ethan!
Liam:Heck yeah, 8 hours str8,boo yea beat that Eric Northmen!!!


Liam: Look I can do the robot


Liam: You know, I think I'm going to hook up with Annie. What do you think?
Dixon: I think I'm going to throw up. No offence to any Liam/Annie fans!


Dixon:(Crying),They made me gay this season and then.......
Liam:They made me gay too and Teddy & Navid!!!
Dixon:Then later on the show I get aids!
Liam:So do you wanna have sex?
Dixon:Didn't you just hear what I said.
Liam:It's okay I have aids too!


Liam: You know Dixon, your eyes look very pretty in this light Dixon: Save the flirting for a season 3 storyline

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