90210 Character to Come Out of Closet on Season Three!

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A major character on 90210 is about to come out of the closet.

In news that producers swear isn't just another ratings-inspired stunt - we're looking at you, Adrianna and Gia! - Entertainment Weekly confirms that one of three male students on the show will reveal himself to be gay this fall.

It will be either Liam, Navid or Teddy.

“We want to address the issue in a real and relatable way,” executive producer Jennie Urman told EW.com.

Liam Court Photo
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Teddy Shirtless

So, who will it be? It's difficult to say, considering this storyline was clearly concocted out of nowhere. It's hard to believe the show has been dropping clues of any kind over the last season or two.

Our best guess is Teddy. He and Silver have no chemistry; perhaps his ladies' man persona has just been a front; and, well, the guy is sort of metrosexual.

Sound off on this spoiler now in our 90210 forum and vote below: Which of these characters is gay?

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its teddy didnt have to go to school to know that LOL xD


It's teddy montgomery check out this article


If it's Liam I'm dropping this show :(


Navid needs to be with Adrianna even though he seems like the gayest out of eveyone in the show.... Liam could definetly be the gay one cause Annie is likeing some older person in his family and it would explain some more about how none of his relationships work. And as for Teddy he could also be the gay one cause I actually might end up likeing him if he was cause he's really anoying to me but I would feel bad for Silver because they already went through so much together but it could cause another bipolar attack Which would cause some good drama! So all in all, all of them could he gay but I don't think they should just come out of nowhere like they're planning on doing they should slowly reveal it after the " life changing" earthquake that is gonna happen in season 3. The character should then realize that he needs to stop lying to everyone and just be himself because life is short and can end at any second! But they should show the insecurities of coming out like will my friends still like me and what about my parents type of thing, you know real problems teens who r gay go through!


well it would give teddy a storyline


I think, contrary to everyone else, that Liam is going to be the one who is gay. Think about it, none of his relationships work. Annie's going after an older man next season, not Liam. As to the others, Navid and Ade are a big couple and to smash all hope with something like this would be just crazy. Plus, as Jessica Lowndes said, her and Navid are together and working things out. Teddy and Silver are a big fan favorite and I just can't see them belivably working Teddy being gay. Plus, it would be horrible after all that commitment stuff that happened with him and Silver. They overcome that, his father, their first time and then he's gay. I don't think so. Liam is so going to switch teams.


people are saying ewww and things like that . but in high school you will find the jock or guy that has a girlfriend seem so straight that it catches you off guard when you find out that they are actually hiding behind the fact that they are gay . like my brother . he was a jock muscles had girlfriends,girls loved him but he came out once he graduated high school. so this story isn't far fetched to me. so people stop saying it cant be this person or that person . in life you never know . it all depends on how well the writers tell the story and how well the Actor , portrays it .


This is sooooo stupid. This has come out of no where. Why can't they just bring in a new guy. This is stupid.


I'm very disappointed in the writers decision to make on the the male leads gay. I agree with many that it's just coming out of no where. It makes more sense for it to be Teddy, but that'd be a complete nightmare, even so. There has been no hints, no assumptions, nothing. It can only be these guys? What about the new guy joining - Ivy's friend? Could it be him?


Liam impossible and then he must stay with Annie and Navid with Ade, omg so he must be Teddy uahahahah but that stuff is?

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