Amber Tamblyn to Scrub in On Multiple House Episodes

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Olivia Wilde is out. Amber Tamblyn is in.

At least for part of season seven on House.

With the former actress taking a TV break to film a new movie, Entertainment Weekly confirms the former Joan of Acadia star will step in and appear on multiple episodes of the Fox hit this fall.

Tamblyn will portray a medical school student House takes under his cranky wing.

Amber Tamblyn

Tamblyn last appeared on the canceled ABC police series, The Unusuals.

As many House spoilers have already revealed, House and Cuddy will give a real relationship a shot when season seven kicks off on September 20. We can't wait.

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cant freakin wait...been waiting since season 1 for that relationship between House and Cuddy to start. I love their chemistry. I always love some new blood on the team. It adds the interesting storyline of House trying to figure them out top to bottom


I liked Amber in the first season of Joan of Arcadia. Unfortunately they screwed the show up after season one but that is not Amber's fault. I'm looking forward to seeing her on House.


Bring Jen Morrison back


Hello everybody I am Marita from Germany. Cant't wait until the next season. I am also a Huli/Huddy fan!!!! And i would like to see Cmeron back, bringing some twist into the relation between House and Cuddy - in her last episode she said: "I was in love with you but I went to chase" She should be in the show - togetger with Olivia when she ended her filmimg.


If Amber Tamblyn looked more like she did in The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants, I would be more inclined to accept her as a House teammate. Her more kooky looks would give the team a little lift in the House dress attire area. She looks too neat as pictured above. Give her a more unique, off-the-wall appearance and a strong attitude worthy of competing knowledgeably with the rest of the team. You rock, Amber!


wow, I'd never ever think of putting Amber Tamblyn on House but I really like the idea! She's great. Can't wait.

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