Blair Beware: Katie Cassidy to Shake Up Gossip Girl

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Blair Waldorf may rule the Upper East Side, but best not take a certain newcomer lightly.

According to Entertainment Weekly, the Katie Cassidy-Leighton Meester death match is so on this season, as Stephanie Savage reveals that Cassidy’s character will be a vixen who tangles with several characters, including the show’s reigning Queen B.

“When we had the idea for the role we knew there was going to be a really short list of actresses who could actually stand up to Blake [Lively] and Leighton on the screen,” says the show's executive producer. “Katie Cassidy felt like a great choice.”

We couldn't agree more, and can't wait to see what they come with for her.

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LOL! Now, THIS will be the BEST showdown. I hate to bring to your attention Stella, but Katie Cassidy's acting will run circles around oh, ya know, "what's her name"! No comparison. You have Katie, an accomplished fabulous actor and then you have the... other one. No contest, let's just watch this and see! HA! Can not wait!


This makes me superexcited for season 4. I love Katie Cassidy and if someone can pull of a superbitch it's her!


don't get the big fuss being made out of this >>


uhmm...I don't really know her, but she looks just like one of Lily's friend!haha..looks like they trying hard to find someone that can be a rival to Blair..another cats fight huh! well, as always just becareful when The Bitch is back! XOXO


YEY!!!! a NEW GG bad girls.. Blair must win the Catfight and being a queen B at last.. & anyway for Georgina.. i think blair can use Georgina to kick Kattie there... awesooommme cant wait Blair's take down. catfight , love affair , money fraud , MORE DRAMA !! xoxo


cant wait for the show to start kate cassidy does not look lilys age she is 24.leighton and her are the same age just thought you should know.i hope they keep her on i could see her definetly making ratings go up


Blair better win in the end, and NOT be loser Blair this season.


Not a big fan of Katie Cassidy. She doesn't compare to Blair - in any way! I think it was a bad choice, they should have picked someone else. I can't imagine Nate with her and I don't think Blair would have any reason to be afraid of her. She's Blair and that girl can't stand up to Serena or Blair!


Katie=leighton show down would be great.
can't wait to see vixen blair!
this is what this show needs. strong guest actress who can act like katie.


LOVE HER! If they do have to think of a way to get rid of her(God forbid) SHE should turn out to be someone close to Gossip Girl or maybe be Gossip Girl herself

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