Burn Notice Review: "Entry Point"

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I'm sad to report that "Entry Point" was a mostly sub-standard episode.

Despite delivering intrigue, explosions, and guns - along Fiona finding yet another dopy client who needs the team's help -  the episode came off very flat and shallow.

After the great banter that Michael and Kendra enjoyed on July 1, and given how intriguing the character of Kendra was, I was actually disappointed that she was so underutilized in this installment. The bland trickery they used to get her to give up the information they wanted was rather anticlimactic.

I thought there were going to be deeper layers to the character given the setup that had done for her. I really hope we see Kendra again, as her being turned over to the FBI was “off stage” means any number of things could happen.

Pretend Security Consultants

The other part of this week’s episode with “Buddy the knock-off king” almost felt out of place given some of the recent writing on the show. How many bungling-gun-dropping clients has Michael had now? How would this guy not be already caught by the cops, given his incredible ineptitude and general stupidity?

I counted at least three times (maybe four) that they used a play on word with his name (i.e. “Come on, Buddy, let’s get out of here”).  In most cases it was just Michael and Buddy - who repeatedly uses someone’s name when it is just the two of you? 

Honestly, Buddy just did not feel real to me. He felt more like a caricature or something. And really the ultimate fail in this was when Michael decided to use him as the “antiquities expert." I rolled my eyes.  Really? You needed the guy who dropped a gun through his bathrobe, wanted to use a stupid accent, and did huge winks and pantomimes in front of the owner of the sword to come along?

The sad part is that there were the bones of a good episode here. The twist of “Mr. Slippery” the Antiquities thief turning out to be a woman was solid, Her sending a message to Buddy as Fiona or Michael was another brilliant move, and her constantly blowing stuff up was a great thriller setup.

Let this episode be a lesson to you, USA Network, when you have great bad guys, having a horrible “victim” or “client” can really suck the episode down the drain.

I think the only redeeming quality of this episode was Sam and Jesse starting to like each other.  Jesse did a great job working Kendra with only a little help from Sam. I liked that Sam really started to respect and like Jesse, especially at the end with the three guys toasted to a successful venture with Kendra.

What did you think? Do you think Kendra will be back? Did you like Buddy? Does Jesse still seem to be fitting in? Browse through some Burn Notice quotes and respond now!


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Buddy was played by Steven W. Bailey and he also played Joe the gay bartender on Grey's anatomy. He WAS on the 2004 My Big Fat fake fiance "C":)


YES "C" I think your right. I do not know the name of the man who played Buddy...but like you, I remember him as the infamous obnoxious fake fiance reality show. I believe this actor played a gay bartender on Grey's Anatomy too.


After a two wk break from BN... I was sooo looking forward to a new episode and I actually really liked it. I think once and while it's fun to have a goofy client. A client that I really dislike up to now was the client in Neighborhood watch... so much of that episode was unbelievable from the reluctant client, the drug dealers trying to ruin a clinic and the bullying story and Michael sending the client to face the drug dealer. Entry point for me was definitely more interesting and I liked the way they wrapped up the Kendra arch... I guess to each its own.


He is the bartender off of Grey's Anatomy - it was bugging me too.


Who is the actor that plays "Buddy"... I swear I recognize him but can't find his name on any of the credit for the shoe on imdb or usanetwork. It looks like the guy from "My big, fat, fake fiance" or whatever that fox reality show was... does anyone know?

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