Burn Notice Review: "Where There's Smoke"

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To start this review, allow me reveal the winner of last week’s reference/quote contest. The winner is actually my wife for the quote: “Congratulation Ebert, you asked for quotes for a 33 year old movie from a show whose demographic is 18 to 25.”

So congratulations to Mrs. Wizard for that riveting observation.

Moving on to this week, "Where There’s Smoke" was another good offering, moving the overarching story forward but, also revealing that Jesse has developed some real feelings for Fiona.

So it appears our inevitable love triangle has finally started taking shape. Jesse has feelings for Fiona, Mike and Fiona love (and hate) each other. The only piece missing is Fiona showing feelings for Jesse. Don’t get me wrong, I am sure there will be more to it that my simple break down, I am just acknowledging the elephant in the room.

Fancy Sam

I think Madeline said it best though at the end of the episode. Mike and Fiona Love each other, and they hate each other, but it is always each other. I honestly don’t know if a true triangle will be formed. However, I am guessing it is Jesse’s feeling for Fiona that contribute to him not killing Mike when the truth comes out about Mike’s involvement with him being burned.

This was also very much a Fiona episode, we got to see her do weapon improvising and acting for the kidnappers. I really liked it; normally this is all left to Mike, so it was a fun chance to trade places. I think it would have been awesome if she had actually done some of the voice over narration for her parts by butting in with “excuse me, you were not there” or something. But maybe that is just my Fiona fanboy side peeking through.

For those that didn’t recognize him, or for those that did recognize him but couldn’t place him, the lead kidnapper was wonderfully portrayed by Yancey Arias who has been on NCIS: Los Angeles and the failed relaunch of Knight Rider.

No review would be totally complete without a mention of Madeline and her continued patience with her son’s request for help breaking the law. However, I did feel that they missed an opportunity with her when she was helping Jesse with Christian.

Once she got Jesse to back off, I was really expecting her to step up as the “average woman” and convince Christian to trust Jesse and Mike completely instead of keeping them out. Instead Jesse eventually did it, which worked for the story of course. I just felt it was a missed opportunity.

So what did you think of tonight’s episode? Do you think Fiona has feeling for Jesse? Do think Fiona and Mike will ever actually *be* together? Sound off below and don’t forget to check out our selection of Burn Notice quotes from this week.


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I'm with you, Brianne! I was beginning to wonder what was up with the writers. Michael and Fi have been keeping each other at arm's length all season and I just expected more than that, especially after Michael's little "pouting" incident when Fiona didn't welcome him home properly!! I am SO hoping there will not be a traditional triangle developing here. I take Matt Nix at his word that there will not be, according to a filmed interview I saw. (I did think Jesse's feelings developed rather conveniently for this episode but sometimes traumatic times triggers feelings that we didn't recognize earlier.) Perhaps that was the case here... Hopefully Maddie helped nip it in the bud. I also think that, regardless of Jesse's feelings for her, Fi only has eyes for Michael. She's waited a long time for him to publicly acknowledge his feelings for her, although I don't think she even knew jesse was in the room at that point ;)
It has occurred to me that Fiona might have to take Jesse out to save Michael; how awful will that be? (Actually, at one point, I was hoping it would come to that.) But I'm finally beginning to appreciate Jesse's place on the team. I kind of hope it doesn't come to that but Matt Nix likes to twist the plot - a lot. I was surprised that Michael denied knowing who Simon was, considering that he admitted that Fiona was right about his "obsession" about Simon. On the other hand, I suppose he has to pick the right time to 'fess up and then Fi, who destroyed evidence last week, is on the hook as well. Every week this gets a little dicier...
I too love how Fi and Sam's dynamic has developed. They are definitely a fun and fabulous team!! And Sam in a tux - can we do that more often please?
All in all, great episode. My favorite quotes: "Hi honey, I'm home", "Where there's smoke, there's Fi"
and Maddie's advice to Jesse.


I also loved the little bonding between Fiona and Sam. We all know they care about each other, but always show so much hostility towards one another. I like it when Sam worries about her and tries to come to her rescue, "I'm too young to be a widower," "Honey, I'm home."


Fiona rocks! Love her! And her and Michael together - I'm always on edge waiting for the "one" ep a season that they actually get romantic, usually after a life or death situation...lol. I knew they were going to try to set up a love triangle for Jesse to enter, but I didn't think they really built it up; all of a sudden, Jesse has feelings for her, how convenient. I do wonder if it's going to end with Fiona having to kill Jesse to save Michael's life. Maddy explaining Michael and Fiona's relationship ("it's always just each other") has to be my favorite quote of the series. Also love how she just popped up next to the car at the beginning - like Fi, she doesn't need rescuing, she can do it herself!


Loved loved loved last night's episode! Fiona kicked butt as usual and I love that she doesn't need Michael to rescue her, she can get out of the sticky situations by herself. I understand why the writers are setting up a love triangle between Fiona and Jesse but there is no denying the love and chemistry between Fiona and Michael! And I don't believe Fiona has feelings for Jesse. The writers might dragged it out but in the end, she'll pick Michael.

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