Caterina Scorsone to Guest Star on Grey's Anatomy

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As predicted, an all-Shepherd crossover is in the works at Shondaland.

Grey's Anatomy's Derek (Patrick Dempsey) and Private Practice's Amelia (Caterina Scorsone) will be repairing their relationship in the upcoming season of Grey's.

Caterina, who was just promoted to series regular on Private Practice, will appear in the third episode of Grey's this season, Shonda Rhimes confirmed to TV Guide.

The premise is simple: Amelia Shepherd goes to Seattle to reconcile with her brother, Derek. The two Shepherds have not been on speaking terms since Amelia turned to drugs while grieving the death of her father, who was shot and killed in front of her and Derek.

A Solemn Derek
Caterina Scorsone Pic

Derek and Amelia will reunite this fall.

"Family is family," Scorsone says. "Regardless of the strife and tension and drama between the family members, there's a connection that is so deep. Obviously Amelia has a lot of emotion surrounding Derek and that relationship and all the things they've been through together."

In an interesting twist, Amelia will be reluctant to head to Seattle to see her brother, though she'll get a supportive push from none other than Addison (Kate Walsh) to reconcile.

"There's a lot of unresolved emotions surrounding that whole relationship. Everyone can relate to that fear of confronting situations that may result in rejection," says Scorsone.

Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice both return Thursday, September 23. What are your thoughts on the Shepherds' relationship and the upcoming crossover? Discuss!

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I can't wait to see Patrick Dempsey and Catrina Scorsone together, it's so uncanny how much they actually look like brother and sister, I think more so then Patrick and Embeth Davidtz how played Nancy in Season 3 Episode 06. Derek's the big brother and he may have stepped into his father's shoes as the head of the household after the death of his father and maybe that's why Amelia shows loyalty to Addison instead of Derek, maybe Amelia resented the fact that Derek tried to father her instead of being a big brother, I wonder how Shonda is going to write the siblings background.
Derek and Amelia would both have been traumatized by seeing their father killed in front of them for his watch, that image would be very hard to forget. The waiting til September 23 is torture.


jude, That's really up to the viewer. All the info Amelia gave was that she caught Mark and Addie and didn't tell anything to Derek. I think that too. I mean, if she didn't want to get caught, she just could've slept with Mark on his apartment, right? I don't think Amelia planned her "death" but was more of an accidental overdose (sort of like the drowning). She wouldn't give drugs up so maybe because of it, died and later revived.


yea amelia really did cause of her pills and watever but she died for like three seconds or three mins or something like that befor they revived her


Thanks anuflas for the info. Maybe the time Derek walked in on Addison and Mark was the first time they slept together at Der's house.But doesn't that risky behaviour kinda suggest that Addison may have subconciously wanted Derek to find out about her and Mark? Amelia can't have had a good relationship with Derek through their childhood. Did Amelia really die and get revived in a sucicide attempt? Kinda something n common with Meredith. But Meredith didn't plan for the drowning, she just gave up trying to save herself


A crossover with NO Addison! Yay! Hopefully it's stay this way. Finally we are going to know more about Derek's backstory. It's about time.


@jude, There was no mention of that on GA. On PP's 3x19, Amelia said that she hid the affair from Derek, as a loyalty to Addison. Maybe the affair began before Addie and Mark slept together for the first time, which would be when Derek caught them. It's how I understood it.


To have yet another Addison cross over would not be at all special anymore. SGMWH would surely have had another OBGYN attending by now. The therapist is reportedly around for three weeks now, so will Amelia's attempt at a reconciliation set things in motion for Der to fully address their father's murder? I am not surprised that Amelia is going to be a GA episode. I don't watch PP. But she sounds like she has a dark and twisty side too. So Mer may understand her a bit better than Derek does. Mark and Addison's affair was something Amelia knew about? I maybe misunderstood the GA plot a bit. But in S3 Addison's flashback always gave me the impression it was the first time that she and Mark had actually slept together. I know they lived together once Der left,but why would Amelia be more loyal to Addison than her own brother? I have read Der and Amelia haven't spoken for a while. It sounds very Der like to say I don't want to speak to you or have contact with you. He said as much to Mer in 4:17 when the clinical trial was going wrong


Maybe Derek will have difficulties getting off his pain pills as he heads back to work and Amelia will be there for him as he struggles with it. Probably not ep. 3, but maybe later in the season after their initial reconciliation. Dark and twisty Derek!


Well I don't hate Amelia but I don't respect her, because she kept the fact that Addison and Mark were having an affair from Derek her brother. Even if Derek and Amelia weren't getting along Derek is her brother above all else her loyalty should lay with her brother. Family is Family, especially them that grew up together and share such traumatic experience like watching their dad getting shot.


I'm looking forward to the family reunion, I think it's going to be good for the pair of them, to discuss the past and the death of there father. I can see Meredith bonding with Amelia, because she is Derek's sister. I want to see how Amelia reacts to Sloan when they run into each other. Because I don't think Derek knows that Amelia knew about the affair between Mark and Addison. Would Mark look guilty or uncomfortable to see Amelia?

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