Coming to Gossip Girl: Baby Mama Drama For Dan ... and Vanessa?

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Gossip Girl would have a field day with this one. Spotted on the streets of New York City: Dan. Vanessa. A stroller, occupied by a baby ... a fake one, that is. We mean a doll.

Why is the baby fake? Because this particular scene didn't require a live one? Whose baby is it supposed to be? Georgina's the obvious guess, right? Why is Vanessa there?

We leave it up to you, Gossip Girl fans, to share your theories ...

P and J and a B
Jess, Penn and a Baby!

Not a scene we expected when we got up today! [Photos:]

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I totally wanna se Derena again, hate Serenate and Danessa - so lame -.-.


When i read that v must die and that she has not fans,i just do not care becouse i know she has...seasch at google and see them..we adore her! Get a job haters and bitters.. P.s like i respect the others characters,i wont to respect mine favourite! Grow up!


Vanessa is hot her.jess is the most gorgeous in gg


Why do Dan and Nate wear the same shirts? Has anyone noticed this???? Dan and Vanessa could die and I wouldn´t care, I´m just expecting to see more Chair AND more Serenate in season 4!!!!!!!!!!!


First of all, I´m sooo happy to see that isn´t Serena who´s with him in that picture, cause there´re only 2 reasons for me to watch this, one is Serenate and the other is Chair, so I obviously want both couples back. Second, it ussually annoys me anything that involves Humphrey, but this storyline seems pretty amusing. And third but still important WHAT THE HELL IS VANESSA DOING HERE? seriously I thought we got rid of her!!!!!!!!!!! why is she back so soon?


is V wearing miu miu clogs????


go away u VANESSA .. u r the Lamest in gossip girl... georgina or another character should replace u so badly!


Wish this pic was on caption contest!
'dan takes his cabbage patch kid love too far '
love it


I totally agree with CAHIRFOREVER! everybody hates you, V


This baby storyline is such a bad idea! I was hoping it would some how go away, but apparently we'll have endure at least a little bit of it...dread!

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