Creator of Glee Hints at Britney Spears, Michael Jackson Episodes

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Nothing is confirmed, and no quotes are on the record, but it's looking increasingly likely that Glee will dedicate episodes next season to Britney Spears and Michael Jackson.

The Britney rumor has been floating around for weeks and Entertainment Tonight reports creator Ryan Murphy has confirmed that he's penning an installment based around this singer's songs.

Brit and MJ

As for MJ? Glee will air in the coveted post-Super Bowl spot in February. Murphy says he's planning a major tribute episode for that night and said ET was "close" when it guessed Jackson would be at the center of it.

We'll have more on these rumblings when they are closer to fact, but sound off now in our Glee forum:

Which rumored tribute episode has you more excited?

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Imagine Glee performing MJ's songs. Wow...How fantastic it is. Whether Glee will make his legacy live on the screen? Can't wait to see. Hope they decide to have a MJ episode.




I hope it's MJ. I love him and would be front and center stage for any tribute to him!


I dont really watch glee I've seen like one episode and that was the first one, but when my friend told me about a Michael Jackson episode I was like "Girl finally they should!" I feel Michael deserves this he was The KINNG of Pop and Entertainment!!! Life is a dancefloor and he is the DJ! So I give a ful YES! On this!!! Long live The King of Pop Michael Jackson!!!
Just to say on the Britney Spears thing I think that might be interesting Im not much a fan of here but what ever blows your alls minds!!!
MJ Forever L.O.V.E


Definately, MJ merits getting this tribute. There's no question that he deserves respect for all his accomplishments both as an incredible artist and generous humanitarian.


I think that we all know than noone in front of MJ deserves to get a tribute ,I mean c'mon , MJ is the best !!!!!!!!


Michael Jackson is the King of the Music
MJ deserves more than anyone tributes and he should be honored
MJ is the King of Entertain,of Performance,of dance
Please give to Michael Jackson the deserved credits


YAY i really hope they do i michael jackson episode! long live the king of pop:D


Mariah Carey ruled the charts like nobody's business. She didn't get those 18 number 1 hits and sold millions of albums without hard work over the past 20 years. She deserves a tribute and not Britney Bald Spears.


I'm all for a Michael Jackson and a Mariah carey tribute. They both won artists of the millenium back in the World Music Awards.Doing a tribute to the teenybopper Britney Spears is a disgrace and disgusting at the same time


Glee Quotes

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I'm gonna miss all of you. I love you guys.