Ed Westwick: Turning Gossip Girl Cast Against Jessica Szohr!

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Here's a little piece of real-life Gossip Girl gossip from New York Magazine:

Jessica Szohr supposedly wants Ed Westwick back after their recent split, which reportedly took place after she hooked up with his best friend (this is disputed).

In any case, the actor is "heartbroken" and won't have it!

There's no question where allegiances lie: The Gossip Girl cast is alienating her, celebrating Chace Crawford's birthday without her and excluding her from dinner parties.

Harsh! This coincides with other reports that Jessica and Ed will not be attending the same premieres and parties (Gossip Girl events notwithstanding) any more.

Guess the Twelve premiere was her turn ...


Ed and Jessica in happier times.

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uuuum, Leighton actually came out and said the sex tape wasnt real while jessica hasnt denied any of this...see where im comin from here?


geeeeez. what a slut.. :D


geeeeez. what a slut. :D


geez.what a slut.. :))


shame on her! its nobody’s fool! HAHA! look who’s lonely nowwww! POOR V!


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That's it. I give up.


HA HA on her.
I still don't get why anyone would cheat on him. I mean, even if Marco is that great, it's still Ed freakin' Westwick.


that was insane!! insaneee... you should choose better yours newssss....just so insane and very insulting to the entire cast, especially for Ed!
I am disappointed with this site for publishing this news. excuse any English mistakes.


Well first of all I don't know if this is actually true, it just sounds like a bad episode of gossip girl. I agree with Charlotte Waldorf that if this is true then the cast is acting immature, they should leave the breakup problems to Ed and Jessica.


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