Ed Westwick: Turning Gossip Girl Cast Against Jessica Szohr!

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Here's a little piece of real-life Gossip Girl gossip from New York Magazine:

Jessica Szohr supposedly wants Ed Westwick back after their recent split, which reportedly took place after she hooked up with his best friend (this is disputed).

In any case, the actor is "heartbroken" and won't have it!

There's no question where allegiances lie: The Gossip Girl cast is alienating her, celebrating Chace Crawford's birthday without her and excluding her from dinner parties.

Harsh! This coincides with other reports that Jessica and Ed will not be attending the same premieres and parties (Gossip Girl events notwithstanding) any more.

Guess the Twelve premiere was her turn ...


Ed and Jessica in happier times.

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Hate, bigotry, and butthurt fans ITT. Ah, the smell of small minds in the morning. *snort* Delish.


@Random girl
no no not chace so other guy! and it would be better if they just killed her off the show so she wouldnt have to attend anything anymore! and the show would get more ratings haha :)
andgood they should boycot her, she is a little bi*** kill her off the show already!!


I'm so glad they broke up. That means my chances with Ed have SLIGHTLY increased ;)


I thought Ed's best friend was Chace Crawford: I heard they share an apartment in NY, they go together for a beer...
so, Jessica hooked up with Chace? :/

Nina loving bc

Haha I find this the best news ever!! Vanessa should just get kicked of the show in my opinion. A car accidents would bring back to many bad memories (It's a Wonderful Lie), so how how bout a skiing accident.


I don't really care but if it's true then it's the perfect opportunity to kick her off the show because it's not like the fans want her their either.


altho i hate vanessa not jessica...so it is mean.



Charlotte waldorf

If that is true,wich,I believe it's not...
Then,what immature cast,hun?
If Ed and Jessica broke up,it's their problem,no one should take sides.
But the whole article sounds so fake,I mean,Jessica is friends with everyone in the cast.
I can despise Vanessa,but Jessica is a different person,and even though I want her out of the show,she doesn't deserve all the hate she gets. Vanessa does.
Anyway,the good part about this break up? Jessica will finally stop talking about Ed constantly on interviews,and possibly make a career on her own,instead of be somebody's girlfriend.


DITTO! I wld side with Ed 2


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