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The latest episode of Eureka was another great offering that left me with mixed emotions by the end.

First, I am really sad and disappointed that Tess and Carter broke up. I don't see the reason behind the split, as it feels arbitrary and forced.

I understand the writers think that the show needs the Carter/Allison tension to exist. That's a trap many shows fall into. But Eureka is written well enough that it could move on past the Allison/Carter issues not lose any suspense. However, I don’t think the writers are willing to give up their favorite hat-trick.

Henry and Dr. Grant

That problem aside, the rest of "All the Rage" was incredible.

Allow me to offer my complements to the writers and director. If you had told me they could work in a zombie invasion into the show without anyone actually dying, I would have said no way! But I stand corrected; they got all the key elements for a great zombie flick in there. The flickering lights, the angry rage like zombies, and even some people having slow conversion than others.  It was simply amazing.

On top of the zombie invasion, we got to see some great stuff from Jo again. Her ability to restrain the rage and resist the anger longer than anyone else showed us how amazing of a person she really is. As I said before, I was really hoping we would get to see her grow and tonight’s episode gave us a small taste of that. I really think that Jo is going to come into her own as a very powerful character this season. When she does, remember who was first in line for the Jo fan club.

This brings us to Henry and Grant. This story element got me with the head fake it put on. When items started disappearing I kept thinking to myself: “See they have to send Grant back to fix it now!” and when it turned out to be Grace playing a practical joke on Henry I realize she had gotten me, too. I like how Henry is warming up to Grace and has already developed a little crush on her.

After the emotional wreckage he was in season two, it is nice to see the show bringing back out his warm gentle side. I really did not like angry, brooding, revenge driven Henry. This is the Henry we all love, and I truly hope that he and Grace can take the path not travelled by Carter and Tess and find real romance.

I am ending this week with a single question. Has anyone seen the episode (or webisode) where Carter and Tess break up via holographic phone call? If you have, comment below and share any information you have on it. I am sure many of us would love to find that missing piece of the story.


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If the reviewer thinks the Tess/Carter break-up felt forced he should revisit the hatchet job the writer's did to Allison's character in season two in order to pair her with Stark. She became wholly incapable of independant or critical thought. Even after the rewind of 'Once in a lifetime', the natural attraction and deepening friendship with Jack were undermined at every opportunity. I didn't even bother with seasons 3.0 or 3.5 after that dreadful last third of season 2. I have always been underwhelmed by the sci part of this science fiction program and the plot holes were frequently large enough to pull an alternate universe through. . .it was the characters/actors and their interactions with each other that made viewing pleasurable. Having recently caught up with some of the 3.5 episodes, I saw nothing between Tess and Carter that came close to the playful sexiness of Jack and Allison of season 1 or even the first half of season 2. It remains to be seen whether the show can recapture the spirit of those early episodes. I've been viewing season 4 (hence the late comment) and while I remain hopeful, I'm not yet convinced.


I think the real problem is that they could only get Jaime Ray Newman for 3 episodes, so they had to accelerate the breakup. They writers were quoted as saying that they like the dilemma of "Who will Carter choose?" but JRN's casting forced them to end it earlier then they'd like.


see, I love the allison carter romance. so I'm glad that him and tess broke up. it means he can finally have a proper relationship with allison, without her always worrying about how kevin will react etc. I also love how much Jo grew in this episode!!! she was truely amahzing. but I thought the whole thing between tess and carter was going to end with him showing he cared more about allison than her. like, when allison was trapped in the infermery and the "zombies" were getting in and they stole her phone, I thought he was just going to run off, and ignore tess' shouts at him. and then she realised that something was REALLY different about him, and they just weren't meant to be. anyway, I haven't seen it either :( I think it was just the beginning of the episode, and to show that it had been a year, and that nothing really happened. I just think they cut it a bit wrong. confusing us all. anyway, I love the allison carter story. I just wish that they'll stop juggling around and get them together. I also want everything to go back to normal. partially. I want allison back as head of GD.
dr whats his name back in his own time.
jo to stay as head of security of GD, but to still be with zane.
fargo to be - well, fargo.
and I think I said the rest :)


I don't think there was an episode in season 3 with that scene. I think that this wasn't part of the reprise, but the beginning of the 4th season pilot.
It seems to me, that between season 3 and 4 a whole year has passed, and that Carter and Tess had a long-distance relationship during that time. But in the end (or beginning of season 4) Tess couldn't handle it anymore and broke up with Carter.

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