Gossip Girl On Location: From Paris With Love

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Gossip Girl will begin its fourth season in Paris, France.

Filming is already underway, as we reported yesterday, with Blake Lively, Leighton Meester, Ed Westwick and guest star Clemence Poesy on location as of this week.

Looks like Chuck Bass lives, but that's no surprise. What does pique our curiosity is Eva (Poesy): How did he meet her, and what is the nature of their relationship?

Here's Chuck and the intriguing new character on set ...

Clemence Poesy and Ed Westwick

Ed Westwick is back on set and in full Chuck Bass form.

There's more to discuss than just Chuck, of course. Yesterday, we saw both Blake and Leighton with potential mystery men of their own. What do you think we can expect?

Click to enlarge more pictures from the Gossip Girl set this week ...

Viva Leighton
Ed and Clemence
Blake-ing Waves
Giant Blake
Some Westwick Action
Miss Leighton M.

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i don't want chuck with this new girl...he is for Blair, and by the he is alive after all, exciting new season finale!


its so ironic that i wished for gaspard ulliel to guest star in GG as blair's new man...but then they cast that blond french stick who starred in a movie with gaspard as chuck's new girl. and i am hating chuck more for this shit.


SAIRRA -- in one of the photos ed is wearing a vest and jeans and is in front of a restaurant with a towel in his shoulder like he work there or something... there is were started the rumor.


Why do I keep on hearing that Chuck's going to be a waiter??? I don't understand where that rumour started, but I don't think it's true, does anyone have any ideas? It just doesn't seem very in character to me, even if he was a changed man. Chuck doesn't need to nor would he ever work like that. I kinda like his suit, dashing. But it's still not the same as his season 1/2 style = (. It would be great if Blair fell in love with Chuck all over again (or he tried to make her). That would be a good storyline one I'd actually like to see. Paris is the city of love after all. And wasn't he shot in the back, why would he have a limp???


This time when they get back together eventually we all know that it is gonna be for good and they are gonna be happily ever after.Chair is one and only endgame couple of the show.


@Leighton Fan
You are right! Chuck and Blair are endgame.They are going to get back together no matter what so lets enjoy their love journey.


chuck and blair are endgame.. they're gonna get back together eventually. this is just another roadbump!!!


Come on, we all know that Chuck and Blair are gonna get back together at some point, and for good ! Some people need to calm down on the Clemence hate : actor and character, not the same person -___-


Obviously their going to get together considering they devote an entire section of the first episode with chuck and blair seeing eachother from the limo. I reckon they will get back together in the middle or end of the season but will defintaley be together by the last episode! DONT WORRY CHUCK AND BLAIR 4EVER!!


she looks like an older jenny!!!

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