Happiness on House?!? Hugh Laurie Previews Season Seven, Huddy

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We've seen the season seven photo, but we're still hesitant to believe it:

House and Cuddy will be a real couple this fall on House.

Show producers have made this clear, and now star Hugh Laurie himself is speaking out on the relationship. In an interview with EW.com, the actor told fans to "buckle up" for the ride ahead, saying:

“Even the appearance of happiness [in House] has taken some getting used to. I had a week of happiness training before the season started up, and I’m whistling more than usual.”

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Lisa Edelstein chimed in with this analysis of her character:

“I was terrified of saying ‘I love you.' But I think that in the final scene of season 6, Cuddy makes it clear that she’s ready to go for it.”

But will fans be ready? What do you think: Does this coupling mark a fresh start for the show? Or the beginning of the end?

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I think it is a start of a new beginning. The two have been waiting for so long to get together and they finally are. I just the writers ruin the relationship and it is a happy ending for the two!


I agree with Joyce...in fact I'm not watching the way I used to.
House was good because didn't follow the american way of life, with wife and kids.I hope the writers change this asap and make the character face it: Cuddy its just a one night stand.
He said what he tought about her before, maybe she is now a kind of way to achieve humanity, as he was informed by his doc, but I doubt.
If theres someone who really changed and we could see his admiration, this one was Cameron, but this is another story...


I can't wait for season 7. I think having House and Cuddy in a relationship together is the best thing they could have done to the show!!!


I think it is downgrading the show to put them together as lovers. It was more interesting for them to spar with each other. Doubt if I will continue watching it as it was becoming boring anyway.


Excited to see how this will play out. Love that the producers are finally going for it after all these years of snarky foreplay.


I like how the show never really put emphasis on huddy as a main story line. when they were together they never made it awkward, or saw some flirting stares. you just never really though that this day would come when the love they were always hiding just sprang out ! i cannot wait to see what the show does with this relationship and how happy and changed dr. house will be! however i feel that if the relationship comes crashing down too fast the show might run in to some problems, and if the relationship is just plain and lasts for a long time, it could get boring. lets hope they do this right ! -RileyFord

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