Indira Varma Joins Cast of Human Target

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Indira Varma has joined the regular cast of Human Target.

The British actress - who appeared on Torchwood as Suzie Costello; and on and Bones as Cate Pritchard - will take on the role of new team leader Ilsa.

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When Fox initially sent out its casting notice for this character, it described her as follows:

Sophisticated, driven and principled. She is a widow with a vast fortune that she uses to help better the world. Ilsa finds Chance’s lethal methods and his past deeds unacceptable, but she will learn to appreciate (slowly) the altruistic benefits that he has to offer. Ilsa is witty, sexy, clearly in charge and doesn’t take any nonsense from anyone. Chance has met his match.

Human Target will return with new episodes at 8 p.m. on September 24.

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The show was much better without the character Ilsa - she is so annoying and is constantly getting in the way. I'm 'this close' to not watching it anymore due to this - it's just not fun to watch anymore with her constant whining and complaining! And PLEASE don't go for the so obvious love connection with Chance! UGH!! That is really annoying!!


After seeing Indira Verma added to the cast of Human Target, I have become more of a fan than ever. Her character is lovably irritating, but when the camera does a close-up of t her eyes...all is forgiven.
I see the evolution of her character becoming more involved in each episode. So far, the tease that she will belay her ethics to help Chance and the crew with each case is both funny and charming.
My vote...Keep her on the show--She is a great addition.


Loves S01 but now with Indira Varma it sucks. Hope she will not stay longer.

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