Katerina Graham Teases "Stronger" Bonnie on Season Two of The Vampire Diaries

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In one of our favorite developments from the first season finale of The Vampire Diaries, Bonnie made it clear to Stefan:

She's no longer an innocent, overwhelmed witch. This character means serious business, especially when it comes to keeping Elena safe.

Asked by The New York Post this week if that trait will be a focus of season two, Katerina Graham made it very clear: Oh yes! Here are a few excerpts from her interview:

Does season two pick up immediately after events from the finale?
Yep, it’s pretty insane. And I will say that Bonnie is really, really tough in the first episode back. She is not playing around. Bonnie will eff you up if you mess with her! She is also going to have to deal with Katherine. And that’s a whole new beast. Literally.

Bonnie and Damon

Will her powers will only continue to grow?
She’s going to become even stronger. But it’s important she stay vulnerable, too. You don’t want someone to raise hell with no motivation behind it. You can never forget the loss of a loved one and I don’t think she’ll ever get over losing her grams. That was her rock to this world. She wouldn’t do anything simply out of a hate for vampires. I don’t think she could ever justify that.

The Vampire Diaries returns with new episodes on September 9.

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I think damon and bonnie should hook up, just for a little while. When I read the books I kept hoping that they would...but that's prolly not gonna happen, stupid damon, biting her n' all.


Bonnie is top notch! That girl is going to rule


katerina graham is really beautiful but I really don't think the creative idea to put a jacket on backwards is stupid.. I don't consider her a real singer like celine or whitney,,, she might sell as long as the series goes on but not a lasting singing performer,,, now susan boyle or charice ,, those are real singers ,, this is just a good song with overdubs a good mix and there you have it ,,, sassy


thank yo iwant yor tv and vido


from when is that picture?


Boonie's powers doesn't scare anyone... the vampires & the werewolves should be interesting to watch!


I'm so excited to see what they can do with Bonnie in S2! She's a really appealing character to me.


bonnie is like the best character on there so how bout u hush :)


I don't like Bonnie! They should have maintain the development of her powers much longer. Ok, Elena is the normal girl but she seems too weak around vampires, werewolves and witches. (At least Buffy was the chosen one).

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