Last Tangle in Paris: Serena vs. Blair, Round 12!

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Serena and Blair often butt heads on Gossip Girl, and sometimes it even gets physical. If these photos from the Paris set are any indication, another altercation is on its way!

It's unclear what's being said between the characters, of course, and we may have to wait until September to find out. But our beloved S and B are in one of those moods:

Blake and Leighton on the Set Photo

TROUBLE BREWING: It's not clear why, but Blair and Serena appear at odds.

Click to enlarge more photos below from this Parisian scene, which looks like it ends with one of our girls one an unplanned dip in a fountain. Comments and theories welcome!

Such Good Friends
On Set Altercation
Paris Tussle
Down Goes Blake
Thar She Blows
Leighton on the Phone

UPDATE: Sorry to burst the bubble of Chair fans who hoped this was actually Clemence Poesy clashing with Leighton, but it's definitely Blake. Here's a clearer shot of her face:

Blake L. in Paris

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Chuck and Blair 's video in Paris :


Do anyone know when they'll stop filming in Paris ? Because i'll come back home (near Paris) the 19th and i absolutely want to see them !!!


because they are frenemies. not pure friend...
and i am team BLAIR.


I saw them filming another scene at Harry Winston on Avenue Montaigne in Paris! It appeared as though Blair was storming out of the store in evening attire, followed closely by a frantic Serena. That's all I got though, the stupid guys with badges would not let us across the street...


If theyre best friends... why are they always fighting? The SB rivalry gets old real fast.


who's team blair?
yes i do!
i can't wait to see this scene.. this is some kind of revenge for pushing blair into the cake in season 3.


wow, cant wait for this!


i was there haha, spent 5 hours but that was awesome, Leighton is definitely my fav', she's SO adorable and nice!


I mean, in really, that the stunt double used for the Serena's going down looks like the Chuck's new girlfriend. :)


I don't think she's Serena. I think she's Chuck's new girlfriend.

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