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Thanks to "Delinquent," Lie to Me viewers witnessed family drama on multiple tiers last night. It was mixed with some very touching moments, as we got to see more Gillian’s maternal nature with a nice mix of vulnerability.

Okay, raise your hand if you knew Ria Torres has a sister. Much like Eli, I was surprised. Granted, it was a good surprise because it also gave us more info on Ria than I think we have really gotten in two seasons. I also thought seeing the guilt, love, and pain that comes with being siblings in a dysfunctional family was well portrayed by Monica Raymund as Ria.

Her guilt at the end of the episode was near tangible when she was explaining to Lightman about how she had let her sister down and had broken her promise.  I hope we get to see more of Ava in the future and that we get to see the two of them grow closer together.

Cal, Aghast

I very much enjoyed seeing Gillian’s vulnerable side, along with her motherly instincts.

Seeing her step up to try and protect Ava - between cracking the intruder with a pan, not calling the cops so they would not take her back, and coming to her defense with Ria - you could see strong glimpses of how Gillian would be as a parent. I especially loved the tender moment with her and Lightman after the attack. It showed us how much Lightman really does love her and care for her.

I was super thrilled when the psychologist from the correctional facility showed up with flowers at the end. She really needs someone to treat her special again. Given they are in the same field, I think they could do very well.

As for family drama of Ria dealing with her sister and Lightman dealing with Emily learning to drive, I think we ran the full scope of possible emotions. Tim Roth is so amazing as Cal Lightman and at the end when Emily passed her test I loved how proud he was of her. 

Is it just me or is Lightman a bit bipolar? Sometimes he seems as giddy as a school girl - such as when he was on the witness stand, or in this episode when he was breaking Ava out. Other times, he seems so somber and a bit of a jerk. Don’t get me wrong, I think it adds some very nice depth to the character. I am just trying to figure out if it is intentional or something Roth is accidentally doing in his portrayal.

What did you think of the episode? Did you like Gillian’s new suitor? Did Ria do the right thing by allowing her sister to go correctional school?


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I know this episode came out years ago but I'm a guy that watched the first episode of the series when I was only a kid and never really got a chance to watch it again despite how awesome I thought it was.
Well I just recently got my own Netflix account and came across the show again and I just watched this episode today. It was one of my favorites. You made very good points. However I think a good mention should be to Lightman's "It's your word against mine... You lose."


I agree Keith, I think Gillian really shined in this episode, I hope they continue the trend!


The way I interpret Lightman is that when he's on (working) he's deadly serious and everything is to get a reaction, but when he's off, he's off -- relaxed, joking ("I didn't know you were such a crybaby"). I don't think it's bipolar -- except he certainly seems like a difficult character to work for because he doesn't give orders with "if you would, please" or something, but walks over what his employees want (or are trying to tell him) to tell them what he wants ... and "Now!" kind of. I just think it's part of the character. And it helps the Gillian relationship work. She's both a kind of girl Friday and an equal (except that when he uses the reserves to buy out his ex-wife, she's "I've got money invested in this company" and "what are you doing to me?" -- meaning that she's only an equal in that he trusts her (like a girl Friday, maybe) and will back her decisions, even if they're for his company. I like the dynamics -- and in this episode, I think Gillian really shined!

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Ava Torres: What's with the old white guy?
Cal Lightman: I am your sister's boss
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Cal Lightman: Yeeeeep!

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Cal Lightman: I think so.