Lucy Hale Reveals Key Pretty Little Liars Spoiler: Who is A?!?

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Who is A?

Naturally, this is the main question on the minds of Pretty Little Liars viewers. Reports indicate that we'll soon find out, via a scavenger hunt.

But Lucy Hale has a message about this stalker's identity, one readers of the book series should note closely: "We're doing it completely different on the show."

In an interview with Ryan Seacrest, the actress who plays Aria reveals the identity of A in the novels, says she doesn't know who it will be on the drama - but emphasizes that changes are afoot. Watch below:

[video url="" title="Lucy Hale Interview"] [/video]

As always, we encourage fans to head over to our PLL forum and debate the identity of A now!

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i have a question, can the people that think mona and maya are A tell me why they think that because i been watching the show since the first season and i never suspected them


I'm sorry for the typo. Atleast you have my point.


I'm thinking it's Mona. She badly wants to be BFF with Hannah so I think she wants to break them apart by manipulating them and make them think that A wants them to get stucked with Alison's death.


I have a strange feeling that Jenna is almost faking being blind and that she truley is A.


im pretty sure its garret. he's an officer so no one would ever suspect him. but i think him and jenna are working together. jenna knows a lot and she probably feeds him the information and garret uses it against them. but it could be some one who hasn't apeared on the show yet. it's obviously not jason either. if he was A then moving next to the girls would make them suspect him. they already do suspect him, but i dont think he ment it to be that way. and i think everyone knows A wrote the note. ian didn't kill ally. i think A did.


Im watching the show right now and i am so curious who A
really thinkin lucas or ezra or ready for them to
tell who it is but i like not knowing:) haha


people u are so stupid in the episode when hannha hit jenna her glasses fly off and she i blind. and officer gartette is her eye sight. we all dont know who a is deffinally so we all have to think hard because they arte trying to trick us. i dont know if ali has a twin butin the books people say she doess but lucy admitts that in the interview that the books are different then the show so not all of us are right. i personially think A is a girl. i think she A is a girl becasue remeber when spencer went to get the wedding ring for the store and it was gone? the note said " Diamonds are a girls best friend." so it might be a girl. since ian is dead we are left wondering maybe its jason? maybe its Mona? we dont know yet. i cant wait for the next episode tonight. i love being left wondering being we dont know what to expect next. WHO IS A?


Then again Jason is a suspect. But why would he kill his own sister? Jason had secrets to. And we all know Ali knew secrets. Diary. Did Ali have a diary? Did any of the other girls have a diary? Is --A someone that has been introduced? Here are my top suspects, Melissa. Jason. Caleb. Wren. Toby. Garret. Miya. AND WHAT IS THE "Jason Thing" Jenna....always suspicious. But she isn't A unless she hired someone to be...hmm...and Meredith? A? Meredith? I never liked her EVER! Any other suspects? Comment please.


Hey guys. Well we all know it's different from the books. So everyone stop saying Ali has a twin she does in the book not in the show. A...good old A. Melissa? Garret? Wren? Miya? Who? I'm expecting more then 1 person. A is everywhere and sees everything. More then 1 person is needed for that job. Though the series is dragging along. Ian didn't commit suicide. A set it up like that. And A wrote the note. Anyone notice the missing horseshoe? I did. And can't wait for the finale!


I think A is the cop, i mean think about it he has access to all of Alison's personal infomation, and the residents wouldn't be suspious if he was lurking around as basically thats his job as well as being in a secret relationship with Jenna. I really want to know who A is are we going to find out soon? I just its someone unexpected but realistic.

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