Lucy Hale Reveals Key Pretty Little Liars Spoiler: Who is A?!?

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Who is A?

Naturally, this is the main question on the minds of Pretty Little Liars viewers. Reports indicate that we'll soon find out, via a scavenger hunt.

But Lucy Hale has a message about this stalker's identity, one readers of the book series should note closely: "We're doing it completely different on the show."

In an interview with Ryan Seacrest, the actress who plays Aria reveals the identity of A in the novels, says she doesn't know who it will be on the drama - but emphasizes that changes are afoot. Watch below:

[video url="" title="Lucy Hale Interview"] [/video]

As always, we encourage fans to head over to our PLL forum and debate the identity of A now!

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I have watch them all it is pretty easy it is moan then she has a twin sister Courtney moan dies and Toby and alsion try's to kill spencer but that fails as well and milsion is prengert.


Please I Need To Watch It From when it first start cause im very confused ??? What Happend !!!!!!!!!


This story has dragged on! Tell us who A is im bored an every episode is predictable!


OMG?!?! is it me or that other post freaking me out:( i'm in love with PLL PEOPLE addicted i need five pack of oxygen to make me forget the last episode its soooo EPIC WISH me luck with the others show an i know its random and all im going to post this in the pretty little liar website but.......lying game is MUCH better and juicy gossip and make it or break it !!!!!!!!!! LUV Y'ALl


Ok keep on guessing liars. Just letting you and my A fans be there on June 5, 7 o'clock on ABC Family. Good luck figuring me out and what Mona said you windows and door are open and they don't know what will go out them and i'm still here *mwah* Liars -A


Ali has a twin sister . Yhall are all wrong .


I think that A is ezra cuz I was looking at this one article and they were interviewing Lucy hale ( aria) she said that when they announced who A was...Ian harding's (Ezra) mouth dropped and everyone started laughing at him. I like Ezra idk if it's him I could be wrong but it's going 2 be someone who u don't expect it 2 be..... I hope its not Ezra and like I said I could be wrong idk though I'm sooooo excited for tomorrow night's episode!!!!!!!!!:) :D


I totally agree that A is hannah's mom. That is one horny biatch! She is way too jealous to not be A. She just wants everything that hannah has. And obis wants revenge cuz hannah is responsible for the divorce. Come one people!!!! The answer is right in front of you


In the books its origionall first mona then alison(to get revenge because courtney her twin took her place and became alison and the real alison had to go to the institute). Then somebody else. But since its gonna be different its probably Jenna. (In the books toby molests her and alison kills her...) so since it's gonna be different then jenna.


Eu antes não sabia, depois suspeitei do Ezra, mas no promo do 2x25 a -A parece a Mona mas eu nao quero que seja ela, porque nao quero que seja igual aos livros.

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