Pretty Little Liars Reaction: What Did You Think of "There's No Place Like Homecoming?"

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A warned the girls this week: there's no place like homecoming.

With this chilling tease, the latest episode of Pretty Little Liars truly got underway. What did you think of it? No way Emily is really dead... right?

We're working hard on a detailed recap and review, both of which will be live first thing tomorrow morning. In the meantime, discuss this installment in our Pretty Little Liars forum and vote on it below...

Beautiful Gals

What did you think of There's No Place Like Homecoming?

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I think Toby is HOT! I wishh he could stay on the show FOREVER! Spencer and Toby are the cutest couple everr!!!


i think toby isnt a bad guy nd emily just trips maybe toby's the one who dies


the cliffhanger was so good i was but i doubt they killed off emily in the 1st season so im more worried about emily coming 2 terms with her sexuality that is killing me!


"Melissa seems utterly one-dimensional, exceedingly cruel to her sister at all times for no reason." Uh... Spencer has been with two of her boyfriends and stole one of her papers. I wouldn't say it's for no reason.


Emily does NOT die, don't worry everyone haha. Neither does Jenna....


It's probably Toby, if anyone.
Defiantly not Jenna or Emily, they are going to be in more episodes.


My guess - Emily tripped over Jennas body because we saw her ealier in that mirror room...


what happened with emily are the girls going to get new texts from a and e hm...interesting


So Emily isnt dead? She just got hurt right? Someone confirm this please. Im dying


she cant be dead! toby wouldnt kill her. i dont think he is a bad guy. he actually cares about her. she might be hurt, but i highly doubt she is dead. toby might have gotten frustrated that she wouldnt listen to his side of the story and pushed her into the mirror or something. by the way, who runs into a house of mirrors when being chased by a possible killer? that would be like the hardest place to escape. duh.


Pretty Little Liars Quotes

Lord help the mister who comes between me and my sister.


You think the truth is this big shiny disco ball of purity then go ahead and try it. See what it gets you. Telling the truth to the wrong person at the wrong time is how I ended up where I did. Take it from me you're always better off with a really good lie.