Pretty Little Liars Review: "Please, Do Talk About Me When I'm Gone"

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Frustratingly, last week’s Pretty Little Liars cliffhanger about Toby’s fate is left unanswered, and this week’s "Please, Do Talk About Me When I'm Gone" played fast and loose with the reveals.

While it seemed like Jenna was going to reveal something monumental or damaging to the girls at the memorial, it is actually Jason, Ali’s brother, who give us the most head-scratching information.

Regardless, this seemed more like a set-up for future surprises, so there needed to be a little more exposition than action to put the characters into their proper places.

Aria’s separation from both her mother and Ezra has given her the opportunity to act like a teenager again. Not saddled by the responsibility of keeping her father’s secret or having a boyfriend she can only see covertly, Aria tries to move on with Noel, a former crush.

Unwanted Memorial Guest

The night may not have been a huge success, but she does seem open to Noel’s slow courtship.

Emily’s decision to move her relationship with Maya into the open seems like a healthy choice, but she hits the gas a little too quickly. Making out in the darkened theater is far from the discreet Emily who panicked over the lost party photos.

This complete change in her attitude is refreshing, but somewhat reckless. I wonder what her father will think about his openly gay daughter when he returns from Afghanistan, or even her mother for that matter.

Hanna is growing into a much more responsible and thoughtful person. Her flashback revealed how much she wanted to stand up for people like Lucas when Ali was the Queen Bee, just like last week’s argument with Mona over Alex. Selling her handbags to help with the finances is definitely a sign that Hanna won’t be shoplifting sunglasses any more. Her friendship with Lucas definitely makes her more likable, and one can only hope that she will see him as more than a friendly computer geek.

Spencer’s character has been interestingly suspicious from the start of the show. She was the one who discovered that Ali was missing and went looking for her alone, and she has been the most adamant about keeping their secrets. When Jenna tells her that Ali was afraid of her, you almost believe that it might be true.

However, with Jason’s revelation that Ali was trying to pin the “Jenna Thing” on Spencer, it’s clear that Allison was the master manipulator.  Why was Ali trying to push her brother’s attention onto Spencer? It seems like there was more animosity between the two during Ali’s last days than previously suspected.

Most importantly, Jenna’s speech is actually fairly nice. She admired Ali’s strength and speaks warmly about her. What were the girls so worried about? Oh right, they accidentally blinded her.

Even though Toby is still missing, his character was mentioned as part of some major developments in the Allison’s murder case.  The detective claimed, under pressure from Jason, Toby, or someone using Toby’s cell phone, made a call to Ali on the night she disappeared and she answered. Where is Toby to explain this?? The police searched Toby’s locker, but we’ll have to wait and see if anything of interest was found.

Instead of answering the Toby question, another mysterious character blows into town. Melissa’s Ian shows up at the memorial. What role will he play in the upcoming episodes?

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Why is spencer looking a litle weird to me? I wd be completely schocked if she is the killer of A. Also there is one little thing i noticed but i dont think that really matters: I noticed that when the latest episode aired, they had troian's (spencer) name first... i mean out of the 4, i think lucy's name shd come up first... is that a sign that she might be A? 0.o
I didnt notice whose names come up first in the other episodes, so maybe im wrong. Hanna is my favorite too.. hopefully she stays that way! :) My favorites all
1. Hanna (since the last 2 or 3 episodes)
2. Lucy (she can go back to 1st if her character doesn't get very depressed!)
3. Emily (if they didnt rush her relationship with Maya, or if she had more scenes with Toby, she would probably be ranked higher :) ).
4. Spencer (no offense to any fans of her but I dont find her character that interesting; it seems like the directors are just playing too much with her character)


maybe that Ian was the older guy Ali was seeing...because I can't think why he xas at her memorial...If he wants to deal with one of the girls he could have wait...
I like Hannah, she's my favorite!


Wow, Jason is shady!! Hanna: My favorite, and she is proving why. She has grown a lot throughout the show, and her mature and selfless act of helping her mother financially just shows that. Her and Lucas are so cute together, Sean has every right to be jealous. Aria: Quite understandable that you would be depressed about your parent's separation and Ezra, but wouldn't you also want one night to forget about all your problems? Her sulking around is truly depressing. Her character needs to take more action in whether trying to get her parents back together or pursuing Ezra or some other guy (Noel was pretty cute) Spencer: very interesting. She is the only one who would challenge Allison and for Ali to pin her on the Jenna Thing was pretty shocking. Even though this girl has more love interests than anyone else on this show, I cannot wait to see what else happens to her. Emily: a true bore. Her whole relationship with Maya is wayyy to forced. It might just be me, but it seems that her character is just there. It might be the dull story line with Maya. Get Toby back. Even though he was creepy in a way, he has a certain charm.

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