Pretty Little Liars Review: "Reality Bites Me"

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A's stalking took a backseat this week on Pretty Little Liars, as the "Reality Bites Me" made it clear she was still a presence in the girls' lives - but it also took time to focus on various relationships involving the core four.

The most believable of them all centered around Aria. I actually felt terrible for her and her brother as their parents fought. There are few more awkward, confusing developments in a teenager's life than when you're parents don't get along. It can feel like your entire world doesn't make sense.

Making matters worse for Aria, of course, was the fact that she couldn't go to Ezra about her problems. Let's hope these two are over for good now because the dramatic possibilities are a lot stronger when they're apart. There are only so many times they can clash over their age difference and our glimpse at Ezra's angry, unstable side last week was intriguing.

Watching Ezra

Other developments on the episode weren't as promising.

The show often suffers from an abundance of one-dimensional characters, as Toby seems like a perfectly nice, sensitive guy when he's around Emily. But we just see him skulking quietly any time another girl looks in his direction. That's a laazy way for the writers to make Toby mysterious.

Instead of showing us two extremes and failing to even try and renconcile them, it would be nice to simply get to know Jenna's brother a bit more. That said, thank goodness Maya is out of the picture, right?

On the Jenna front: the series wants us to believe she's A, especially following this week's lipstick discovery. Are you buying it?

Then, there's Spencer and her parents. Again, Pretty Little Liars doesn't exactly specialize in subtlety here. Spencer's mom absolutely sucks, taking her sister's side at all times - while her dad is over-the-top in his praise and then in his business-based plan for having her throw the tennis match.

The game was witnessed by Alex, of course, played by Diego Boneta. What do you think of his introduction and inclusion on the show? See a future between him and Spencer?

As for Hanna, that therapist revelation was just confusing. Are we meant to believe he's Jenna's shrink? I'm also not sure I buy her desire to attend a meeting for a club of virgins. Wasn't she recently concerned over her image, feelings pressured by Mona to go all the way? Now, she's unafraid to publicize to the school that she's a virgin? There's a lack of consistency here.

Overall, not my favorite episode of the season. What did you think of it?


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i liked this episode but i didnt love it because wren suddenly dissapeared. I thought he and spencer kissed? what happened? :S Hes the best character on the show.


This show is disturbingly good and I LOVE it even more now b/c of EZRA & ARIA. They are SO................................I CANNOT find words, in a good way, though. They are my favorite couple and should REALLY last throughout the series run. The show itself is the reason I first watched it b/c I thought it would be interesting watching a tv show about a missing girl and weird occurrences happenings, ect. ect. but NOW, THEY are the #1 reason why I watch this show.


Bring Wren backkkk!!!! Whatever happened to him and Spencer?? Why was his character suddenly dropped? The thing with Alex is not as interesting as it was with Wren- Not even close!!!!!


Tonight's episode was not that great for me. The storyline fell apart on this episode. Aria's relationship with Ezra is going back to the same "it's complicated teacher student" relationship and it's understanding that Ezra is more concerned about this than Aria because he's the one who would take the heat if they got caught. The whole Toby new interest is pretty random too. What happened to Emily's relationship with Maya? Toby and Emily's personalities together are kind of a snooze fest and I still don't get Toby, and where he came from..maybe we'll find out soon enough? My least favorite character is Hanna. She's so insecure and unsure of herself and she always follows others, and not what she believes is best. Last episode, she listened to Mona and fell under the pressure to try and pursue Sean. Now she wants to please Sean and goes to an abstinence meeting with him. Huh? Don't really get her. Spencer is my favorite. Even though she's not the prettiest of the four, her personality is awesome. She's driven, witty, and unique. And AHHH what happened to Wren!? He was my favorite in the show, I am hooked onto his adorable smile and accent. I thought him and Spencer had a really cute thing going on and I wanted to see it develop more and the keep the family complications comin. Their conversations are actually witty, funny, and cute unlike Hanna's and Sean's which is typical shallow talk. I really hope they end up showing Wren in a couple more episodes because all the other guys in the show are lame. This episode didn't help the story at all it just confused me.


This show is fascinating and I do like parts of it but does anyone think that some of the acting isn't that good. I don't think Toby or Maya are good actors. Truthfully I'm questionable about Emily's too. Sometimes she seems good, other times she seems too awkward. Am I too assume she's bisexual?
I agree about the Hanna storyline. The therapist guy seemed odd. I don't know if I believe that Sean just wants to wait to have sex.


This is episode of Pretty Little Liars was really just ehhh...I agree with many of the responses that in this episode it suddenly got so warped and inconsistent. Although I love the whole Aria and Ezra storyline, I feel like the writers are weighing so much of the side drama on them that they forgot about the other characters' storyline. If the writers really wanted a lot of drama between a teacher and his student then they should have created a show based on R.A Nelson's "Teach Me." How is it suddenly in one episode Spencer's attraction for Wren disappeared and that she's fallen in the arms of new character. If Wren really was only suppose to stay for a couple of episodes at least give him a better send off than just him and Spencer kissing hinting that maybe the two will have some kind of relationship going on throughout the season when really it won't happen. I actually thought something good (or bad) was going to happen between the two throughout the season. I guess not, unless he makes a surprise appearance in the season finale.


I was really disappointed in this episode. I was hoping this show would set a new standard for ABC family but from the looks of last nights episode, it's set to be the next Secret Life. Aside from Aria and Ezra, the love interests are constantly changing and there's no growth whatsoever! I first thought Toby was going to be a mysterious badboy type, but he's creepy and frankly uninteresting. And the most horrible crime of all is Wren. I won't lie, he's my favorite character for purely superficial reasons. What can I say? I'm a sucker for accents. I don't understand how Spencer can be making out with him one day and then asking out another boy the next. I mean really! If Wren's gone I'll have no one to swoon over. Gosh.


i think it really sucks they didnt get deeper into that wren storyline because i would love to see spencer struggle with real feelings for her sisters ex and the family problems to follow and also how her academic career is going to turn out afterwards with disappointed parents who arent pushing her anymore but need to be somehow convinced that spencer isnt a terrible person. i think the storyline was way too little developed i mean where excactly did it lead beside the fallout with her sister (who was way too little introduced to care for her or take her side before the incident) and now even her family seems fine. i was always hoping the writers were just taking it slow and were about to get into it more but now with alex in the picture i really doubt that.
and btw does anyone else find it strange that all the guys seem to be falling for spencer? she isnt really pretty (especially compared to her sister- loved her in one tree hill!)


I have only one question : Where's Maya !? -_-'

Well thats too bad

SPENCER: Liked Diego, he seemed interesting, but wtf happened to Wren. For the first few episodes it was all "Look how nice Wren is and how much he digs Spencer, coming into her house all drunk and sweet" but now they've totally dropped him for this new guy. i agree with this. but i've already known via julian's twitter that wren was only going to be in a few episodes. im actually hoping that due to the audience's positive reaction to his character, the writers will bring him back. i can't say i really loved the spencer/wren storyline but i did kind of like him. so i'm torn on this one. EMILY: Same sort of thing. First few eps I thought it was going to be a bit of a triangle between Maya, Emily and her boyfriend whose name I cannot remember. But then Toby jumps in and it gets all weird and confusing. Is Toby supposed to be a love interest? And, at least in this episode, they've totally dropped the whole Lesbian storyline apart from Hanna seeing the photo, which is kinda disappointing. ita. completely. emily and maya were the most intriguing couple to me thus far. is maya gone for good? i hope not. wtf will happen between toby and emily? and idk why but aria and ezra makes me cringe. i guess it's the way aria seems control of the relationship. i kinda think ezra gave in to her too easily. it's just not realistic. i get that he's young but i really don't think he should be so reckless. and the way it's written you know it's not going to end well for him. and idk, after last night i'm just not a fan.

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