Pretty Little Liars Spoilers: Scavenger Hunting for A!

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On tonight's episode of Pretty Little Liars, the girls attend the annual homecoming dance.

But it sounds like this event will pale in comparison to an upcoming party on the ABC Family drama.

According to an interview Troian Bellisario (Spencer) gave to E! News, Mona will soon host a gathering, at which the biggest question of them all will be answer: Who is A?

"A lot of things are coming to a head," Bellisario said of future episode. "We get invited to Mona's party, and it's nowhere that any of the PLLs, except Hanna, until we get a text that says that it's a scavenger hunt, and that A is the prize. Then we're all very interested in going."

Similarly, we'll be very interested in watching.

Alex and Spencer

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What I dont get is that everyone says courtney is dead but she wasnt in the barn that night in the 1st episode, And spencer walked in the barn and said she gone i looked everywhere and Aura siad i thought i herd a scream but courtney wasnt in the barn.


So i think That courtney( alis sister) died. Ali is still alive. I think Ali and mona are A- because ali was one of the best friends who knew all the secrets who told Mona and now they are -A-.


so hwtahappend is its alis twin sister who pretends to be ali! sothen ali kills her sister pretending that its actuly alisson who diess! monas the one who dies at hoimecommmingggggggg and then ali; the real alison takes her spottt in sending the mesagesss! and the mesages become a lot nicer! toby actulyyyyyy commmitss suicideeee! at the end of the booksss! someone lets the spencers barn on fire and emily spencer and hanna are in the barn but arias nott! soo aria has to set themm freeee! and she does but then they see a figure in a hood and the person takes of the hood! and guess who it isss!! ITSSS ALISONNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so when they "proved" that it was alison who was deadd! it was actuly her twin sister courtneyy!


I know everything read the books and its not mona


I know everything read the books


God why did u have to spoil who A is?? I already said.. Not everyone has read the book.. So it doesn't cost too much keep your mouths shut!!!!


i think that A is Mona and there's more than one im not sure..some of my friends said that A is the officer bt im not sure,i dnt really think's getting sooo intersting i love it! :)i cnt wait 2 see wat happens on the next episode.and i also do think tht alison is alive nd she had a twin sis named courtney or somethin tht ali idk.guess we'll have 2 wait nd see.:)


Remember how when Maya was moving into Ali's old house & had everything on the streets? Well i think Mona walked by & took Ali's diary & thats how "A" (Mona) knows all the secrets... Also in the 2nd episode, Mona was putting on the same lipstick as the 1 you see on the mirror. Then shes talking about "doing it" with Hanna & her boyfriend & member ho0w Hanna sed " Its not a race Mona" & Mona replied, "Well you should do it before HE'S GONE" aha! Mona is "A"!


I think Ali had a twin sister named Courtney & Courtney stole all of Ali's friends pretending to be Ali. The 4 gurls (Spencer,Hanna,Emily & Aria), told who they thought was Ali all theyre secrets & the real Ali killed her twin sister cuz she got mad @ her for lying & the real "A" is Ali. The body they found was her twin sisters body... Now Ali is mad that her friends thought Courtney was Ali & now is threatning the gurls.


A is not Mona.... Alison is not actually dead... its her twin sister Courtney who was away at a mental ins. Ali is actually alive !!!!!

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