Rookie Blue Review: How Shallow Can It Get?

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Typically, Rookie Blue offers up various cliches throughout an episode. It's not exactly the most creative show on television.

But "Broad Daylight" took a different, unoriginal tact: it tread in stereotypes for an entire hour.

The episode started with the late-night, post-coital sneak out. Then, it moved on to the scared groom. The intimidating father-in-law. The easy flight attendants. The single friend lying about his sex life. The single mother trying to juggle her job and her child. The rival son and step-father.

It really felt like the episode could have been written in three minutes, as there was no attempt to create a layered storyline or character. It was all shallow, all obvious, on-the-surface drama. Take Diaz, for example.

Broad Daylight Scene

He's been dating the same woman for seven years. In fact, he's only kissed one other person in his life... yet he seems utterly taken aback by the concept of marrying her and doesn't think he can do it. Why not? Why has he stayed with her this entire time in that case? Is there a profound reason that reveals more about this individual?

Who knows. The show never tried to answer any of those questions. It just gave us a contrived wedding day scene that saw the groom show up late, get chewed out by his soon-to-be father-in-law, and Diaz, of course, be shaken by witnessing this scene.

It wasn't just a (boring) storyline filled with stereotypes; it was a storyline filled with negative male stereotypes, concluded by Epstein apparently taking back his criticism of marriage. Why? Because Denise is hot, of course.

The developments with Tracy weren't any more original or logical.

Her son is six years old. She's been training to be an officer for years. Are we meant to believe she'd never considered how to juggle the two sides of her life before last night? That's what Andy told the woman who asked.

Again, the show doesn't make any attempt to go beyond the surface of these characters. Most are just one-dimensional caricatures of a certain archetype. In this case, the single mother struggling to have it all.

Moreover, the series doesn't even identity the city in which it takes place. There's no attempt to make it unique in any way. It's just Generic Area Where Crimes Occur.

In closing, we need to see consequences affect these rookies. Andy didn't load her gun and Tracy left the scene of a crime. Their superior was immediately understanding of Andy's mishap, and then we're led to believe that Andy sticking up for Tracy simply fixed that situation.

But those were enormous mistakes. Did the characters receive any punishment for them? Is every mistake just chalked up to rookies being rookies? If so, the lack of ramifications for their miscues removes a large amount of drama and realism from the show.

Rookie Blue still offers up the occasional funny line and its actors do the best with the material they have. But it too often feels like the writers have no grasp on the actual police world or the individuals about whom they're writing. They simply slap a stereotype or cliche onto a situation and take the most obvious direction possible with it.

What did you think of the episode?

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I really did like this episode, and I didn't find it to be as full of cliches as you are pointing out. There were lots of good moments in the episode! For example, the scene of Andy walking out of the apartment was genius, and Sam driving his car really slow was really funny, also when Gerry says "well, that's great..cause I'm a Leo!". Moments like that made up for the few cliches.
One thing I'd like to add is that the show's writers have been very smart about when to add in names. This week was the first episode where Andy called him Sam, and it was very sweet!
I'll definitely keep watching this show, if only to find out what happens with Sam and Andy!


I love the show. I really want some development between Andy and Sam character. Amazing chemistry.


I watch this show simply because Sam Swarek is hilarious.
not to mention, ridiculously hot. :P and I don't think the show is THAT bad....


Okay, so this website is to review shows that air, it is oh so very obvious. And they do a good job doing so.
I will admit that at times the review can be a bit more than one-sided, but it is still a review.
I personally like the show and think that they are, no matter how they are or how long it is taking them, but i think they are just trying to find their footing. it has been renewed for another season, which i am glad for, and despite their sometimes unoriginal plot devices, it is still somewhat captivating. Something I would like to see done on this site, and this is something that I see done on another site, is to give the review of the episode and at the end of the review give a tiny bit of something like this- WHAT WORKED- ....... WHAT DIDN'T-........ this way we are treated to an 'objective' review and those who have an issue with how the site does reviews can get off their high-horse. just a thought.


I like the show but hopefully the writing will improve for the second season. Keep the same actors and hire better writers.


if you hate this show so much why are you writing weekly reviews and keeping up this site, you're really annoying haha. can we get a replacement?


I broke my cardinal rule by watching a new show on ABC because they always ending up cancelling it without even giving it a chance. Nevertheless, I love Rookie Blue, especially the chemistry between Missy Peregrym and Ben Bass! I want to see more of them, especially Ben Bass! He is yummy! With respect to the article, I completely agree with the author regarding last night's episode. Even though it was still entertaining, the show was, for the most part, very one-dimensional. The writers do need to dig deeper into the characters to provide a more in-depth storyline instead of glossing over the events. I was glad to hear Rookie got picked up for another season. Hopefully, as the season progresses, we will see more layers of the characters and where they come from and less fluff.

Matt richenthal

@Aries93: All we do is judge? We're a TV review site. That's our job. What shows do you watch that we review?


I love the show and TV Fanatic's constant criticism. I love TV Fanatic, but all you people really do is judge. How about trying to make your own TV Series and we'll see how you go with it all. I'd love to see the reviews.


I bring up some valid points about the cliches, but I find myself enjoying it in spite of all that. Just like Adele said, it's mostly because of Missy and Ben. They've made the show for me on the most part and find myself waiting for interactions between the two of them - and that's mostly what brings me back each week. I hope the writing does get better, because the actors seem to be trying really hard and I still think there's potential. Being from Toronto though, I do agree that it would be nice if they highlighted our city more, since they do film it here and use our Ontario Police cars and everything. It's a beautiful city :-)

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