Sloan, Callie to Team Up in Grey's Anatomy Season Opener

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Looks like Mark and Callie are teaming up on Grey's Anatomy again.

Clothed this time ... most likely. You never know with those two ...

But seriously folks. According to TV Guide, the pair performs a major operation in the Season 7 premiere. The patient in Callark's care is a 19-year-old young man who's suffering twitches and facial drooping because of an advanced tumor. Sound serious?

It is. The medical problem is so advanced, in fact, that his family has already held a living memorial for him before the surgery. Think they'll be able to say him?


These two together can accomplish anything, right?

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really dont care abt sloan n lexie....they got together for the wrong reasons right from start. u guys may ignore it but he's old!!! give alex a happy ending, if not with lexie, with someone good. its been 7 seasons and he's not happy with anyone. wake up guys, if u want lexie n sloan together, u gotta find someone good for alex. at this point, i dont think even she is good enough for him


Wow, I havent been on this site in forever! And I couldnt be happier to see this! Love Mark and Callie..preferably romantic since they would make a steaming couple. But I'll take anything I can get at this point.


I doubt they'll ask Mark to be the baby daddy. Too many conflicts: Mark will want to be the 'dad' in the kids life, Arizona had doubts in the SF about him and Callie and I don't think they will go away soon...etc. Although I can see two scenarios for Calzona: one is to go to LA in a super special crossover (right) and have Naomi and Addie to help them or go Brangelina and adopt kids. JCap just gave an interview and from that it seems that they'll just have the talking part, not so much as starting with the 10 kids plan.


MArk might get Callie pregnant so she and Arizona can have a baby, but then that might open the door for Mark to coparent with the two ladies. I didn't like how Mark got in the middle of Callie and Erica's relationship and i hope that doesn't happen with Callie and Arizona. They should adopt!


@Lina don't say 65 days. LOL!!! I'm having Grey's withdrawl. LOL!!! I like Mark and Callie's friendship. In the one eppy a couple of seasons back Callie said she just had sex with Mark to clear her head. From what I seen out of them they was always just sex buddy's. I think Callie has let Mark know they won't go there anymore cause she is in love with AZ. And Mark knows that. Besides I think he is really inlove with Lexie too. Hope this season shows us Calzone trying to have a baby. And I hope Addison has to come back for that. I love Callie and Addison in scenes together. It would be cute seeing all 3 Callie AZ and Addison working on getting Callie pregnant. I hope there is a scene of AZ injecting Callie with sperm. I also kinda hope Mark is the baby daddy. LOL!!! But then again that could cause problems between AZ and Callie in the future. Cause he would probably wanna be apart of the kids life. And that might not set to well with AZ. I can't hardly wait till September 23. It is going to be really sad at the end of season 8. When they cancel this show. I"m going to cry like a bitch baby. LMAO!!!!


I'd much rather see Arizona and Callie work on a big case together. I'm hoping we get as much Arizona scenes as possible before JCap goes on maternity leave! I don't really care about Mark anymore. He used to be much more interesting when he was with Addison..unfortunately he's now become one of the most boring characters on the show.


I love these two!! friendship or sexship they're both amazing together :) super excited!!


As long as Mark's first words are "How was Fiji?" and Callie gives a huge smile...I am good :)


I always watch the episodes many times; I like to correct the subtitles and all. But I couldn’t watch the season finale again. I can’t. My husband and daughters watched last weekend and I didn’t. One of my daughters cried and said about Percy’s dead: “I don’t like him and I’m crying because of his dead too�. Think about about all. I need time to recover. Imagine them, the characters. Really that episode changed all. If was me, I couldn’t work there anymore. I would move to private practice and have a less known life with my family.


Still waiting for Callie to come back to the otherside and reclaim Mark....I have always wanted them together, but I am not sure that is going to happen. I hope Lexie is less annoying this season, otherwise I do not want her with Mark.

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