So You Think You Can Dance Elimination: Alex Wong

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After emotions ran particularly high and the criticism ran rampant during Wednesday's Top Eight performances, Thursday’s results show looked to return So You Think You Can Dance to its comfort zone of smiles, positive vibes, wildly entertaining routines.

Unfortunately, the episode was both somber and anticlimactic.

From the moment Cat announced who would be joining Alex Wong in the bottom three - he was automatically down there because of an injury that kept him on the shelf the previous night - worried fans sensed that he might be done for the year.

Then the arrival of Billy Bell in the bottom three was a surprise.

Robert Roldan and Adechike Torbert were rescued from the bottom three, leaving Ashley Galvan to dance for her life along with Billy. Which they did, though it was a moot point.

Alex Wong

Alex Wong couldn't go next week, and therefore had to go from the competition.

When it was revealed that Alex is having surgery for his lacerated Achilles tendon, it became clear that while he'll dance again, it won't happen in the next three months. He’s out of the competition, with the only bright spot being he's welcome to try out next year.

It's a brutal break for Alex and for viewers who became supporters of this fan favorite, whose swan song this season ended up being his hip-hop routine with Twitch.

The kid's good. Real good. Get well soon, Alex.

As sad as Alex and the judges seemed, no one appeared more upset than his fellow stars Kent, Jose and Billy. That's what makes this show cute. You just feel the love.

Despite the bad news it was a very touching moment, closing off a rather unusual, sad episode.  Next week let’s all regroup and just have a good time.

Another highlight of the night? Watching Anya and Pasha. They’re ballroom pros, and they're the most fun to watch when they do their thing together.

Also we were treated to a performance from the Broadway show “In the Heights,” and singer Natasha Bedingfield featuring the All-Stars dancing backup.

Since there was nobody actually voted off who danced Wednesday, who do you think might be in danger next week of the Top 7? Discuss!


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If you look at the history of the show this season, each person who has been let go (with the obvious exception of my favorite Alex), is someone who has been in the bottom three. In fact, the first week of elimination, the three women who were in the bottom three were ALL eliminated over the course of the that and the next two week's votes. Although Billy has been in the bottom the same # of times as Robert, he has been in the bottom twice in the last two weeks, while Robert's votes are going UP. And Ashley has only been in the bottom once. I think it is likely that it will be Billy eliminated. Remember, Kent, Loren, Jose and Adechike have all NEVER been in the bottom three - and, while the judges may WISH they could eliminate akechike, they can't if the voters don't put him in the bottom three. I've got to admit that I think they've been too harsh with him as well and sympathy votes for his genuine talent are understandable. Also, a question for other posters - I too was pretty offended by Mia Michael's inappropriate comments ("I wish Alex were here!") to Adechike, but it never occurred to me to think of them as racist - but now that I've seen all the comments comparing her nastiness last week with similar comments to the marvelous Brandon on an earlier season, well, I just don't know. Any thought on that?


I am sooo gutted that Alex had to go. He was definitely my fave. But on another note, the voters really need to step it up a notch, I mean Billy and Ashley, really?

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