Taylor Momsen Fires Stylist

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Gossip Girl cast member and aspiring rock star Taylor Momsen recently opened up to MTV about her controversial fashion and explained why she fired her stylist.

In other news, Taylor Momsen apparently had a stylist.

"I think firing my stylist has allowed me to be more free. I was getting molded into this thing that wasn't who I am," says Momsen, who turns 17 on Monday.

Between her cleavage-baring lingerie, skimpy minis, garter belts and whatever else she writhes around in, Taylor leaves little to the imagination, as we know.

If you didn't know, watch this racy new music video.


Taylor on stage with her band, The Pretty Reckless.

Her outfits are of her choosing - no stylist required: "I dress for myself. I do myself up kind of like a doll. I have a doll collection and I kind of imitate their outfits."

Says the girl whose best friend is ... we're not gonna touch that one.

The controversy magnet is not against recycling old stuff, either: "I still wear pieces from when I was in f--king middle school." So, like 2008. Talk about thrifty.

Follow the link to check out Taylor's interview with MTV.

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She had a stylist...The whole time...Wow, good luck finding work if Taylor Momsen is firing you. I'm sorry but if Taylor Momsen has a problem with people saying things about her then she should be a little more careful about what she in turn says. I don't personally know her but what I see of her leads me to believe that she's simply a spoiled brat that needs her credit card taken away by Mommy and Daddy. There's plenty of time in ones life to be a rocker chick wannabe, what she needs right now is some kind of boot camp for spoiled young actresses. The same one Lindsay Lohan should have been in. And may I say that if she wanted to be taken seriously she'd act with maturity NOT openly insult other tweenyboppers (although I'm no fan of Miley Cyrus that's not the point here), not wander around smoking although she is underage, as if that suddenly makes her a 'badass" (when in fact someone that's throat surgery already shouldn't be pushing her luck when all her future career plans are focused on singing), and also cut back on the sexuality when in reality she's jail bait. I'm all for freedom of expression but I can't stand it when young girls who have all the opportunities in the world whine every chance they get. Little Miss. Momsen not only needs a new stylist but a press agent, a babysitter, and a serious attitude adjustment. Maybe she should have paid more attention to Haiti then she would have seen that there's a hell of a lot more out there to complain about then her own frivilous life.


And a big round of applause to the editors of this site. Bashing on a 17 year old girl, nice tvfanatic team!! In every article about taylor momsen u guys seem to hate her and mock her, and if i recall your job is to deliver the news, not put your own thoughts about certain subject.


extension off? well, she looks pretty with or without it, so... yeah!


was her stylist some sort of pimp?


If she didn't have the luxury to swim in opportunities, she'd have to either abide by what we normal people consider normal standards, or get hers one day, because real life pressures people to learn fast or suffer hard. Imagine yourself not having to worry about your next paycheck at all, and you could imagine yourself doing and saying all sorts of idiotic things and not caring, because lack of real responsibilities in life often makes for a very liberating attitude. She is not being frank and speaking her mind in any reasonably normal way. She just makes a few frivolous, meaningless comments every time they stick a mic in her face, and there you have an interview that only the most innate people would find interesting. You have to imagine how everybody obviously benefits from these stupid endless interviews that reveal nothing but meaningless crap, or you wouldn't even hear all this B.S. about this girl. That's the media for you. They are all nauseating, what with their non-stop idiotic drivel. By the way, if she is so bold and liberated, let's see her walk through Central Park at 2am this Sunday, wearing a tutu and a pair of stockings, holding a vibrator in one hand and a collector's doll in the other, and she may turn 17 on Monday with a completely different attitude in life. :-)


I have to admit though, I am impressed by her acknowledging and doing what she truly wants regardless of what others will think of her. She swears, she dresses horribly, and the racoon eyes looks truly truly um...no words to describe how ugly it is. But she's frank and she just say what's on her mind. Don't mistake me as her fan though. I hated her in GG and I'm happy to know that she won't be back for the first few episodes of S4. It's just that not everyone has the ability to appreciate yourself and acknowledge what you want when you know that because of it you will receive a lot of insults and bashings. It's a lot easier if the things that you want are basically same as the majority. It's just my opinion. By the way, I saw the MTV interview and I must say, her eyes...even racoons would puke if they saw that.


It looks like she has cut her hair it looks much better.


Why does she has to say "fucking" in every single sentence that comes out of her mouth??? o.O


Sorry it was a hairdresser not a stylist. But that's the same.


I love Taylor, but seriously she had a stylist !? I had the same reaction when I learned that Amy Winehouse had one too.

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