Taylor Momsen in New Pretty Reckless Video: Too Racy?

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Say what you will about her attitude, her priorities or her talent, but controversial Gossip Girl star Taylor Momsen certainly isn't half-assing her pursuit of music stardom.

Girl is going all in.

Her band, The Pretty Reckless, just released a music video for their song "Miss Nothing," and, like her nemesis Miley Cyrus' outfits, it's already getting flak for being too racy.

She's just 16 years old (17 on Monday), and man. We can't decide if this is hilarious, edgy, cool, lame, sexy or all of the above - but hey, she's got us talking about it, right?

Take a look below and share your impressions of Little T:

[video url="http://www.tvfanatic.com/videos/the-pretty-reckless-miss-nothing/" title="The Pretty Reckless: Miss Nothing"] [/video]

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ha ha whoever thought this was too racy hasnt seen the video for make me wanna die! I love that video too though. I think shes amazing


wtf is she doing? swear i saw one of them rolling their eyes... love the song though


Mabye you don't like her or her music, but you have to give her this:
she can sing, and better than miley cyrus.
oh and if you're disagree, you are deaf.


Too racy? All I know is that whenever someone shows their legs there's atleast one person out there thinking "that's too inappropriate for TV". Bottom line if you don't like it you don't watch. People are far too sensitive about this sort of thing nowadays. Honestly what are they afraid of? That it might 'corrupt' children? Well if this doesn't, something else will so why not just give up.


also for the last time Taylor please ditch the raccoon make-up pronto!


too racy? no. trying a little too hard? yes. and the song wasn't especially impressive either.


"At least Miley's original." - there's something I never thought I'd hear (or in the literal sense read)


She's such a great actress and singer, but she just tries too hard. I'm sick of the whole Courtney Love knock-off look, it worked great for Courtney, in the early 90's. She just needs to stop trying to be punk rock and be herself. All she does is talk about fucking this and that and death, and talk about Miley Cyrus, at least Miley's original.


oh taylor, we get that you have nice body ratio (small face and slender arms and legs) but you really have to cover yourself up! it's worries us that way too many guys must've saw your pikachu while filming this.


i think she looks good! if i had that body i would dress like that too, minus the eye make-up. if she just toned that down a bit :)


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