The Real Housewives of New Jersey Review: "Country Clubbed"

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Think you've seen The Real Housewives of New Jersey at their most out-of-control? Think again after last night's melee. "Country Clubbed" upped the ante once again.

Our celebrity gossip site's review, which you can read by following the link above, offers the blow-by-blow in a way that truly does it justice. But here are the basics:

  • Teresa Guidice (left) and Danielle Staub (right) argue at the country club. As usual, except this time it escalates into a full-blown brawl. Seriously ... it's crazy.
  • Jacqueline tries to help calm things down but this does not work. Her daughter Ashley roughly pulls Danielle’s hair and this makes Danielle even more upset.
  • The cops arrive and take statements. Irate and losing her mind, Danielle is insistent that arrests be made, especially of Ashley, but this does not happen.
  • Later, the women rehash the event with other people, each making their own case heard. Ashley’s parents warn her to stay away from Danielle forever.
Guidice-d Up
Staub, D.

These two really don't like each other!

Reality shows are so contrived these days, it's rare to see such genuine disdain, such malice. Teresa and Danielle really cannot deal, and the train wreck is unreal to watch.

Honestly, how much more screwed up can this show and these women get - and how much more popular will the program become as a result? The sky's the limit, really!

To top this episode’s country club mayhem, what will they do? Actually put hits out on each other? Blow up each other's cars? Kidnap kids? We're really starting to wonder.

From a fan standpoint, while no one likes Danielle and watching her get hunted down feels justified, Teresa really did start everything, at least here at the country club.

Had she not insisted on approaching Danielle and “saying hi” nothing would have happened that evening ... think the producers asked/paid Teresa to approach Danielle?

We may never know, but this may never be topped. Your move, ladies. The gauntlet has been thrown down. If you've got a season finale in store that beats this, bring it.


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Danielle deserves everything she gets!!!!! She ruined a baby with cancer benefit, she brought ex cons just for trouble!!!! Danielle is the white trash!! Teressa I love her she's outspoken ~ don't take nothing off nobody!!!! I think Danielle is a whore with serious mental problems!! So don't say teressa went just to start trouble, have yall been watching Danielle not but trouble!!


Danielle is psycho. I could barely stand to watch the what happens live show with her. She has a very bad attitude, and acts as if she is gods gift to everyone. The whole lesbian thing I think is for attention. She thrives on drama and attention any way she can get it. However I do think Ashley needs to grow up and deal with her punishment for what she did. You can't go around assaulting people no matter who they are or what you think they did.


Danielle is fukin crazy she is a backstabbing bitch.....Ashly shuldve done more than pull her hair...Danielle had all that karma coming back 2 her from her jail time 20 years ago..she doesnt have a gud past and the funny thing is, the police knew who she was!!! talk about a $2 ugly rat hoe


I'll be praying for all you woman as Danielle says(I truly beleive Danielle made a mistake saying woman and now trys to act like she says this all the time SO FAKE! Caroline is the only real lady on the show. Got Class! The 2 Kims are trouble makers! Back stabbers! Danielle dont you watch the show and see what they say about you,again FAKE!!!!!!! Teresa hold your are strong at least you are not afraid to say anything straight to Danielles face. Go Girl! Jaqueline your daughter just hears whats going on and thought she was protecting her mom don't blame her, look at what this 50 yr. old woman has done to your daughter,and I know you have taught her to take up for herself ,well she did. Who are with all these children while their mom's are out???????? Especially Danielles' and the company she keeps! So Fake!!!!!!


I always thought that wealth meant class until the Real House Wives showed up. Thanks for bursting my bubble. Hurry up Real House wives of D.C. Bravo has almost gone around the country showing us how classless our nations housewives are.


People just aren't right!!!!!!!! So wrong!...SOO wrong...Money and cameras does corrupt.


As the saying goes........Just because you have money, doesn't mean you have class. That's the way I'm beginning to feel about all of these shows....but for some strange reason, I still watch them!


These ladies (if you could call them that) are all a little nuts! The drama between them is unfortunately what makes people watch the show. They all bicker and start shit cause that is what gets their segments aired. I don't buy for one minuet that Theresa was just trying to say "Hi" to Danielle. She decided she wasn't getting enough air time cause she is boring and ugly, so she had to start something. She and all the other wives should be ashamed of their actions, and I have no idea how they all go home and face their children. You can tell by Ashely's behaviors this season that the children are effected and are learning form the bad examples set forth by their mothers! I applaud Dina for deciding to leave the show for the good of her daughter. Is the show supposed to have drama... yes. Is it supposed to get this out of hand? In my opinion no. These ladies are just going to keep getting crazier and crazier as long as the cameras are rolling and people are watching. They are like toddlers trying to get attention in the end they don't care if it is negative or positive publicity as long as everyone knows who they are.


I think all the ladies on the show need to grow up! First if you don't like someone leave them alone. They always keep going after Danielle and the after show on Bravo watch what happens was a joke!! Teresa and Jaqueline making fun of Danielle about her being a lesbian or not. Who cares life goes on.. I think Ashley needs to get sent packing again because she has an attitude and thinks her mom and Chris will just bail her out of any situation. How very disrespectful can she be.. Teresa you need to watch the episode again you were looking for trouble and trying to pick a fight like a school yard bully. Perhaps your money problems are more in trouble then you would like to admit since you won't comment about it...


I think the show is absolutely ridiculous. There is nothing classy about any of these ladies. The things they do and say are childish and stupid. I think Teresa was looking for trouble with Danielle and it is obvious that she was not sincere with the bulls*** excuse of just wanting to say hi. They all act like Danielle is so crazy and she causes all of the trouble but it's obvious after last nights episode who has the issues. I do think Danielle was being over dramatic but these women are acting plain stupid and showing their true character. If they don't like Danielle and want nothing to do with her, stop dealing with her and leave her along. Why in the hell is she always the topic of their conversations and they go out of the way to start s***. Get over it and move on and stop causing drama. I have only one piece of advice for all of these ladies "grow up"! This show is really showing how low-class all of the women are. I was happy that Caroline wasn't with them and stayed out of the drama, this time. Grow up ladies.

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