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The Vampire Diaries Caption Contest 16

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There were many great submissions to this week's Vampire Diaries Caption Contest.

But we've awarded the winning entry to "Jenna" because that user references our favorite summer guilty pleasure: Pretty Little Liars.

If you don't watch that show, you should. And if you didn't participate this week in this contest, don't worry: there's always next time!

VD Pic

Alaric: I don't get it. Who's A?
Jenna: That's what I'd like to know.

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Jenna: Hey, I wanted to give you a preview for tonight
(gives phone to Alaric)
Alaric: You're naked in this picture
Jenna: I know (!)


honeygirl Says:
July 10th, 2010 1:36 PM @kristen_a looooove yours! thank you:)))


Jenna: So, I was thinking you could talk to Elena about Isobel. She would love to hear about her. It's been really tough for her ever since the accident and I just think that... Are you even listening?
Alaric: New high score! Wait. What?


JENNA: You brought me here to help you with the FUNDRAISER? ALARIC: Uh duh!!! p.s Damon is painting without his shirt on!!! I wish he would sparkle for me! Damn Edward Cullen for living in Washington!


ALARIC: Jenna YOU WILL BE VERY HAPPY TO SEE THESE! JENNA: Condoms?..(looks) Justin freaking Bieber tickets! ALARIC: Yep its tonight!(sees jennas face) WHAT? I am a Bilieber for Bieber Fever okay?!


Jenna: Can u PLEZZ get off your phone im trying to tell you something important!!! Alaric: Sorry did u want to watch? its jus porn!


Alaric: (On his Twitter Account) " Damn this 'ErnestoRiley' person is crazy ass. And Confusing"
Jenna: " If you think thats confusing check out 'MohenjoDarloRiley'".


Jenna: we have to do something about this.
Alaric(distracted on his phone): um, yeah, sure.
Jenna: are you on facebook again.


Alaric: Nice Jenna... very appropriate.
Jenna: What?
Alaric: Ian Somerhalder with no shirt on? This is what you wanted to show me?


oh im really sorry @Delenaivampires! I didnt read the comments before posting! *shy*