The Vampire Diaries: Casting for a Blue Devil

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The Vampire Diaries deals with vampires, of course. Also, witches.

Next season, we'll learn more about werewolves.

Now, we can also confirm the presence of one more species on the show: Blue Devils.

The CW hit is casting the possibly recurring role of Vanessa. Look for this character to be a beautiful, intelligent graduate student at Duke University. She'll assist Damon and Alaric with their werewolf research.

More of Damon and Alaric teaming up on season two? We can't wait!

Damon and Alaric

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What is a Blue Devil?


I really hope they bring Meredith in too! She was one of my favorite characters!


Does anyone know when and where the casting is?


finally someone has a good point! i so hope for meredith to come to action, i mean she was way better character than bonnie in the books, actually she was my fave character, but i hope they call her meredith not vanessa, and that she'll be one of elenas best friends, maybe she wasn't in mystic falls bc she was having weird dreams or something and came back, i don't know, make some story about it, but bring meredith in please!!!


i just hope that Elena won't die this season..


Could this be the tv shows version of Meredith from the books?


Hey I agree with Gem I think the person may be someone from the book but not Klaus, for those of you who have read the books you would know that elena has a best friend called Meredith as well as bonnie but they never actually made Meredith a main character of the show, and also in the books Meredith starts to go out with Alaric on book 3 and she is also a student, so therefore I think this Vanessa character could be Metediths character just not as she is in the book but hey it's jst an assumption!!!

Derenachairstelena   they all rule cant wait for s4 gg 3

Defo can't wait for the werewolf story and more Alaric and Damon teamwork!! :D


just finished the 4th book and i believe the blue devil is klaus..


So do you think this means they will be filming at Duke? b/c I dont live too far from there and would LOVE to see Ian and Matt up close!

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