Tristan Wilds on Awful 90210 Finale: Please Stay Tuned!

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Even the most loyal 90210 fans are in agreement: This show's May finale was atrocious.

It didn't wrap Annie's hit-and-run storyline and it teased a rape of Naomi, though didn't depict that character truly fighting back like someone in such a horrible situation clearly would.

Even star Tristan Wilds acknowledges viewer disappointment, putting a positive spin on it to E! News: "Some of you guys were upset, but you'll get to see what happens next season. You know, we gotta keep the fans thirsty... It's gonna be a good senior year."

We really hope so.

Navid and Dixon

Another anti-climactic storyline centered around Harry. Rob Estes has left the show, but no goodbyes or hints in this direction were made on the finale.

Still, Wilds is excited over the directions in which 90210 can now go:

"You'll see another part of American culture. It's the plight of the single mom. You get to see what she goes through and how she copes with dealing with two kids and still trying to find a job and keep a house et cetera, et cetera. It'll be a very different dynamic, but it's still very, very true to life."

Remember: 90210 moves to Monday nights this fall. Read a few spoilers about it now and chime in: Will you tune watch the premiere?

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Melrose was crap eversince they dropped the Auggie/Violet characters, as for 90210 it's a guilty pleasure, but the writing is just so inconsistant, the way these HWs write RLs and the meaning of friendships and's a joke. This show into S3 has no identity. While I also love Tristan, he fell on the sword for the CW in this interview and they do not deserve a young talented actor like him.


Well, I thought 2010 was a really terrible year for all the series I watch. Honestly, 90210 was one of the worst thinggs this year. In the first half, on the 2009's episodes, I loved watching. But honestly, I don't know how I watched that terrible episodes. Everything was so fake and the finale sucked. This is one of the shows "cancelled" by me this fall season.


if season one had highlights, like episode 7 or 14, and got strong toward the end(the finale was brilliant), season two was fantastic at the beginning(except for episode 4 and a weak premiere), was still good when it got back then toward episode 16 it became a complete mess, the finale was over-filled, rob's departure was absolutely dreadful, nothing was great


mary i completely agree with you
plus, season one's finale was brilliant, this one was dreadful, everything was teased in the promos, nothing interesting happened and the rape scene was shot terribly.
i wanted the finale to give me hope, but it did the opposite.last year, 90210's season two premiere was the premiere I looked more forward to, this year, not really!


@PeterW When 90210 was renewed it was getting okay ratings, but after it came back from break it was getting bad ratings. If The CW wouldn't have renewed the show early it would have definitely been on the bubble for cancellation or renewal. If it doesn't gain new viewers in it's 3rd season it will most likely be canceled. Also dvr does not mean much to advertisers who pay to have their commercials shown during t.v. shows. People who use dvr fast forward through commercials, so again it doesn't mean much.


ok melrose place was ok 90210 is awesome i wish ppl would stop lashing into it and as for the ratings thing 90210 has good ratings and is number 1 show on dvr or whatever its called gaining another 1.7 million onto the ratings of every episode makeing it pull in nearly 3 million viewers why do you think the cw renewed it


I like Tristan Wilds, but he's just doing what any actor would do in his situation. And that is lie, and say that it's going to get better. But in all honesty I'm just tired of all the sloppy writing. I came into season one not being all that interested in the show, but I was willing to give it a real chance. The first season was pretty bad, but it got better around finale time. Then the second season started, and it was very strong. After it came back from the three-month hiatus it went all wrong again. Everyone is breaking up and getting back together for the millionth time. The relationships seemed forced, and most of the story lines became boring. I just can't give this show any more chances. I love Tristan, but he can do much better. Just looking at the ratings and how many viewers they lost in season two. I'm thinking the third season will be the last anyway.


Anyone can bash me for saying this but MELROSE PLACE deserved a renewal much more than 90210!!!! The finale was awful and I really don't see 90210:college years happening if this atrocious show doesn't make a huge turn around. MELROSE may not match up to ratings but 90210 isn't rating all that well either. It was only beating MELROSE by about 300k. MOCK ME ALL YOU WANT BUT IF I WAS RUNNING THE CW, I WOULD'VE CANCELLED 90210 AND GIVEN MELROSE A RENEWAL SIMPLY BECAUSE THE WRITERS FOR 90210 ARE OBVIOUSLY GETTING LAZY WHILE MELROSE WAS A TRUE GUILTY PLEASURE.

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