True Blood Review: We'll Marry You, Franklin!

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That was a really fun episode of True Blood.

There was a proposal; a key flashback to Eric's past; a brief reunion between Bill and Sookie; hilarious lines from Franklin; and shots of both Alcide and Jason shirtless. What else can a viewer ask for?!?

Below, we review the major developments from "Trouble" and ask readers to chime in with their thoughts...

Ruined reunion: What did Bill think was gonna happen when he broke free from the King's house? Of course he'd be followed and get both himself and Sookie in trouble. Is it just me, or is this couple more interesting when NOT sharing the screen together? It's been exciting to watch Sookie in her quest to find Bill, and equally interesting to wonder just what Bill is up to in the King's clutches.

I rolled my eyes a bit when Bill said it was "too late" for him, but Sookie should leave. I was happy when Coot and Russell entered and absolutely loved the ending, as Sookie used her powers and Russell cackled away. Two questions from this storyline:

  1. What will happen next?
  2. Do we believe Bill's argument that he doesn't know anything about the Stackhouse family tree? Seems rather unlikely, no?
Tommy and Jessica

Eric's viking quest: We learned a great deal about Eric in a very short period of time. First, there was this exchange with Lorena: You... you?!? Can't wait to see more interactions between this pair. Then, of course, we discovered just how/when Eric's problems with the werewolves started.

No wonder Eric was so anxious to grill that one in the previous flashback we saw of him and Godric. Heck, no wonder he has sex so violently with women. The act doesn't have pleasant memories and connotations associated to it for him.

Funny, funny Franklin: If the detective field doesn't work out for Mr. Mott, he can totally become a stand-up comic. What's your hesitation about marrying this guy, Tara? Think of how hilarious it will be every time Lafayette texts.

Jason and Crystal: This one remains a mystery. The writers are in danger of making Jason into too much of a caricature, as he's always been dim-witted, but at least he was involved in prominent past storylines and we could understand his motivation for thinking, for example, that the Fellowship of the Sun Church was a good idea.

But this police thing really makes Jason look like a fool above all else, no matter how many times he pulls people over without a shirt on.

Save Lafayette, Jesus! Looks like an actual romance brewing here. Do we trust Jesus? Do we wonder if his aggression is a sign that he has dangerous motives, or just that Lafayette is that hard to resist?

Sam's family drama: Is there any doubt that Tommy and Joe Lee are working together here? The former hasn't suddenly chosen to bond with his brother. It seems clear that he and his dad are just pretending to feud in order to help Tommy get close to Sam and steal whatever money or secrets he can from him. This remains the show's least interesting storyline to me.

What did you think of the episode? As the action picks up, each new character is really coming into his/her own. Who is your favorite? Review True Blood quotes from "Trouble" now and then sound off on it!


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Joe Lee is definitely using Tommy for dog fights. There was that whole conversation between Tommy and his mother about her bad back from "working" all those years (obviously Joe Lee had used her the same way) and Andy telling Sam about the illegal dog fights in another county...




franklin mott should be a filthy few


Nico that makes alot of sense actually, I really had no idea what to think about what Joe Lee was saying "I own you" about. I thought there's been rumors about how Eric and Sookie get more 'intimate' this season, so what if he saves the day and rips the King a new butthole? Does the queen have some sort of army or something? Maybe taking the news about the King having slave wolves to Magistrate Creepy and blowing his palace up.


I agree with the dog fight theory. When Joe Lee went to Sam's to bring Tommy home, I believe he said "I own you" so there must be some kind of money making deal. Tommy also said they couldn't survive without him. As for Russell and Frankln, they couldn't have casted any one better for these two characters. They are "FANTASTIC"


I agree with the possibilities as Sam's brother being abused by the father. However I do not believe Eric will end upmnaked with Talbert at all, he does have it out for the King, but for Bill also and he may pretend about leaving Sookie high and dry but I think he will some how be the one to help her. As far as Tara and Franklin, in the books Tara is married to JB Da Rue (who's not in the series), so this is a whole new story plot and Im very excited to see the outcome. She is very smart and has started to figure out how to play her cards with him, I bet she will use him to help her and Sookie exscape? And last but not least I think Arlene screwed herself bigtime with to ber


Is it possible that Joe Lee is a pedophile? I hope not... but I sense some serious tension between him and Tommy, and the mother seems like the type to be an enabler and just pretend that everything is OK. The scars are an interesting point... didn't think of betting/fights.


I enjoy the whole Franklin/Tara storyline...I find him quite amusing with his obsession with Tara. I doubt that he will turn her into a vampire though. I read that in the books Franklin was Tara's sugar daddy but I wonder if they will go in a slighly different direction in the show.


I really enjoyed the episode, everything is beginning to tie together, this is so much better than the 2nd season


Eric is definitely going to get it on with Talbot. I bet he is going to kill Talbot to get back at Russell

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Russell [pointing at himself]: Frankin - King!

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Franklin: No one cares what you think about anything. Shut up!

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