Weeds Spoiler Pic: Nancy as a Maid

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Earlier this week, Weeds star Hunter Parrish said season six of this Showtime hit would feature his "family on the run."

The actor wasn't kidding.

In a spoiler photo first released by Entertainment Weekly, Mary-Louise Parker is dressed like a hotel maid because, as she tells the magazine, Nancy and company are forced to assume a variety of identities and disguises as they flee from Esteban.

As a Maid

The actress says the picture above is courtesy of episode number-four, as the Botwins find themselves in ''a town near the Canadian border and [Nancy] gets a job at a hotel."

Weeds returns with new episodes on August 16. The season six premiere will be followed by the pilot episode of The Big C.

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I am a huge Nancy Wilson fan so just the fact that Nancy did the video required me to pucasrhe it. It was great having the focus on Nancy while she chats about her music and plays guitar. It felt very Up close and personal . I loved every minute of it. However; trying to follow her instruction made me realize I am incapable of re-creating anything Nancy does on her guitar. She is just too far out of my league. I thought I was a pretty decent acoustic guitar player until I watched this video. Not even her verbal explanations and visual demonstrations enabled me to play these songs with any confidence. Because of my faith that Ms. Wilson is perfect .. the fault must lie with me.

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