90210 Scoop: Matt Lanter Teases Liam/Annie Kiss, Sibling Complications

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Liam will NOT be the gay character revealed on season three of 90210. This much is known.

So, where will that leave the rough-edged ladies' man, whose relationship with Naomi rarely got fully on track last season and who has a clear connection with Annie? Asked about his future with the latter, Matt Lanter teased to TV Guide this week:

"We'll get romantic in the first couple of episodes. We share a kiss."

Under a Table

As exciting as that sounds for Liam/Annie supporters, be warned: the pair won't exactly embark on a happy relationship.

"It gets complicated very fast. There will be a love triangle involving Liam, Annie and Liam's half-brother Charlie (guest star Evan Ross)," Lanter said.

The actor went more in depth regarding this new character, adding:

"Charlie and Liam are estranged. His half-brother hasn't been in his life so they don't have a good relationship. Throw a girl into the mix and it's that much worse."

Why might Annie find a spark with Charlie? Lanter says he's older, more educated and, perhaps most importantly, loves theater.

"Annie's into that," said Lanter. "They have that connection. They can read plays and Shakespeare together, and that's something Liam doesn't have - something more worldly, cultured."

90210 moves to Mondays and premieres its third season on September 13. Check out photos from the season premiere NOW.

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Liam and Ivy because they are so alike and they look so cute with each other in season 2 and they should let more people know if they do get back
So please please please
let them be together


Annie looks like a 13-year-old girl and she stammers every time she opens her mouth. I don't see her with Liam at all! Find some one pretty and intelligent.


anni and liam looks great together.pls for got sake bring them back together.they are the only one couple who can fall in love with each oter and stay happy.they r falling for each other.anni is only best thing happend to liam.pls i only watch serial for them


Liam and Annie finally i have ben rooting for them from start season 1 when i saw that first scene with them Liam went on date with Namio then asked Annie out come on he must had a thing for her weather we can addimit to our selfs or not and last season they just connected but i like that she stopped Liam from kissing her Last season she did not want her friendship to Namio again or what happed with Ethan to Happen again and this season they kiss and she stopes him because of Namio again which i think is a good thing i think Annie has changed from hit and run Liam was first person she told but i do think Annie needs to act different about it the way she acts is like she does not care a all which i think is bad thing right . Annie has been through a lot dad leaving and hit and run and whole thing with her friends if they were really her friends they should have believed her about liam . Annie was the only one there for Namio with whole mr.Cannon thing which is always nice .


Annie & Liam Please Please They Loook Soooo Good Together And Please Dont Make It Annie & Liams Half Bro Charlie..I Dont Like It Is It True That They Actually Go Out Together & Then Annie Finds Out That Liam Is Living On Someone elses Both & So They Break Up ? Hope Not ):


i totally agree with delena.annie's sooo boring and mean.she acts like shes the most nicest person in this world but she doesnt have a good heart.c'mon taking 2 guys from a another girls is soo bitchy.i think leading role should me naomi..shes mean but shes sooo interesting you know.n she has a gud heart...:P


*to be more relatable (not "the" more relatable than)


I find Annie to be the more relatable than Naomi. I mean, being with a friend's boyfriend is something terrible but still I like her better, because Naomi is so over the top, and she has done some mean things too.


Of course Annie has another guy falling in love with her... face it writers,
& no, I am not exaggerating.


I really don't like Annie she is really grates on me, hopefully things wont work out for her and Liam because Liam is so lovely.

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How's your nerd?

Austin [to Naomi]

I'm gonna kill Dixon.